Gallery: Broadband in a sewer

Gallery: Broadband in a sewer

Summary: The coverage is good but the location stinks. A sewer built in London during the reign of Queen Victoria is now hosting a business broadband network.


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  • Where old tech meets new.'s Steve Ranger goes underground to visit a sewer system in the east end of London that was built during Queen Victoria's reign to help rid the city of smells and disease.

    At the Thames Water depot near Stratford, you can now see a much more high-tech network which it is now hosting Geo's business broadband network.

    Photos by Steve Ranger.

  • This sewer is a masterpiece of Victorian engineering--part of a giant project aimed at reducing the foul smells in the city and reducing the incidence of cholera--as reflected by this plaque. It still performs a vital role today.

Topics: Broadband, Networking, Telcos, Wi-Fi

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  • Whoever was banging on the door during the implementation meeting

    Was trying to say "USE SATELLITE INSTEAD"!
  • RE: (Gallery: Broadband in a sewer)

    A nice, quiet place to work. Ed Norton would be proud.
  • RE: Broadband in a sewer

    yep, the network is in the sewer and the content is in the gutter....
  • RE: Broadband in a sewer...

    I am sure that many will agree that parts of the 'net are dark, disgusting and filthy places.

    <sarcasm mode="strong">

    Therefore I propose that when installing network cable that connects to the public internet, one should use DARK BROWN colored cable.

    Most appropriate choice I would think!
  • Satellite? No thanks!

    You crazy? Did you ever know how slow that thing is to reply a single ping? Go play some online game and you will see, it just sucks!

    Sewer is the big thing, IF they pay a fortune (salary) for it.