Gallery: Chumby

Gallery: Chumby

Summary: A gallery of photos of the Chumby Internet appliance.

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Topic: Browser

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  • Chumby Who?

    Sorry guys, but this must be one of the worst articles I have seen. Lots and lots of pictures, but no text (no story), except for a brief description under some of the pictures. Not only do I still not know what this thing is, but I don't even care anymore.
  • RE: Chumby - The bag (Gallery: Chumby)

    Talk about ugly! Can't pay me to own it!
    • Chumby - The bag!

      They did it! We finally have an electronic doorstop!
  • RE: Chumby - The bag (Gallery: Chumby)

    Hell Of a high price for an alarm clock!! (or a door stop)($180 + shipping)
  • RE: Chumby - The bag (Gallery: Chumby)

    Apple has done some STUPID things over the years, but this one takes the cake! The name alone tells you how retarded this thing is.
    • Uh, WHAT?

      OK, you probably don't deserve a comment due to your lack of understanding what a Chumby is, let alone your inability to research a little and find the LACK of a relationship between Chumby and Apple, but Chumby is not related to or made by Apple.

      For those who are complaining about the lack of an article with these pics, look around a little and you'll notice this helpful little story. (I hope the link comes out correctly; never included one here before.)

      Ah, the beauty of capitalism: if you like it, buy it; if not, don't.

      Personally, I agree that it needs some sort of battery, preferably rechargeable. I'd also prefer not to need to connect to the Chumby network (even if it is free). But, the device is made to be hackable, so all of this (and more) is possible. If all you see is a doorstop and/or clock, don't get it ('cause you don't 'get it'). If you grok Chumby and find it useful or fun, go for it!

      [Full disclosure: I have no connection at all to Chumby or ZDNet.]