Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth

Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth

Summary: Where is Osama bin Laden? Two geography professors from UCLA published their theory and used satellite imagery to identify three buildings that could possibly house the FBI's most wanted terrorist.


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  • The second structure, located at 33.922694, E70.0959, is thought by the UCLA team to be a prison. But the team points out that it has one of the best maintained gardens in the city.

    Credit: Google Earth

  • The third structure that met all of the team's bin Laden criteria is a private residence located at N33.888207, E70.113308. In addition to the three structures that met all six of bin Laden's life history characteristics, there were 16 additional structures that met five of the six needs.

    Credit: Google Earth

  • The UCLA geography team hopes that their findings will help federal agencies that are spending millions every year trying to locate bin Laden. Google Earth won't do everything.

    Credit: Google Earth

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  • Or: Bin Laden could have been whisked to another place...

    In this day and age you could take an airplane and be somewhere else... granted, maybe not a commercial flight - but remember that Bin Laden's organization or family may have all the means in the world. Just remember the case of Andrew Cunanan that went from half-way around the US and killed Versace in Miami in just a couple of days.
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    What a silly waste of time. It just goes to show you garbage in, garbage out. The two last places he was spotted 8 years ago aren't nearly enough info to identify 1 of 3 bldgs.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    As soon as the Google Street View team sweeps the area, we can start checking curbsides for mailboxes reading "Laden".
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    These scientists should remember that Bin Laden spent many years operating out of a cave.

    The only "justice" he should be brought to is a short, violent meeting with the US Armed Forces.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Bin Laden will be in England drawing benefits and safe in the knowledge that anything UK law wishes to do to him, european(sic) law will undo and award him compensation.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Course wil be 94.3646 using rhumbline sailing.
    Distance is 6667.8 nautical miles or 12348.8 kilometers.
    Dont use google for this, use a program for navigation!
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Well exactly. I fully support your strategy, your tactic and your ultimate solution.
  • Hes long dead

    Ya ask me he has long been maggot food. A man of his stature "hes very tall,mush taller then most Muslims" just doesn't go unnoticed for 8 years. Living in a cave or not. I say quit looking for him, and if he is alive he will sure come out of hiding. But i just don't think this man is alive.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    I think it is possible he is there. I searched Google Earth, and scanned northward from that location and saw what appear to be 2 large circles with a large "H", as in helipad perhaps.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Well now his location is splashed all over the internet, he's bound to stay there....
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Don't we pay billions of dollars a year to the CIA for this kind of work? Anyway, flushing out of hiding might provide a good moving target.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    they should find osama bin laden & get him fucked by a donkey & peal his skin & sprinkel salt on him. the get him treated & repeat the same again & again. he should be given public shit to eat & piss to drink.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Find him and Kill him
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    You fail to comprehend my friend the people he surrounds himself with and the radical muslim beleifs such as becoming a "martyr" assuring the dead fighter sits at the right hand of allah (God) and they have clearly shown us they arent afraid to give their lives in a second, and even more joyfully take ours, the radical muslims hate we americans with a passion not even comprehended in our society, Bin Laden is alive and well in the tribal regions of Pakistan, the tora bora mountains that lie right on afghanistan border and has remained under tribal council rule for centuries, no one has affectively penetrated their tribal blood lines centuries that go back centuries, there are no police, no military, little electricity and running water, and they will behead anyone who attempts to enter there
  • He died before the 2004elections

    Maybe Bin Laden was killed secretly before Bush squeaked into a Diebold-facilitated completely undeserved 2nd term. Perhaps the Bush League just pretended he was still alive to keep the threat in the foreground to help his re-election campaign. Either way, if he's alive, why haven't we seen any recent videos of him exhorting his armies of deluded horny young men to further acts of terrorism?
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    Doesn't really matter anyway. The new Prez would let him off the hook. He's already shutting down Gitmo.
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    naw...he's not in that building...his people most likely seen this post and has not moved him to the building on the right...but SHHHH! dont tell em about this post sos we cun sneek up on his sorry as#
  • Not new or original except in labeling theory

    LOL - who believes this is new thinking? Its like

    Cops 100: Introduction via the classics

    Always start looking close to the last reported place. Trails are most likely to start at last known position.

    Criminals like everyone else (and all but the most brainless animals) are most comfortable in familiar or similar surroundings. Mostly because they are able to detect "strangers to that environment" and otherwise intelligently exploit known aspects of that environment. Things like I know how to make solid allies and my enemies do not.

    "Please Please do not throw me into the briar patch"
    - Briar Rabbit
  • RE: (Gallery: Finding bin Laden on Google Earth)

    bin laden is not even there! we are chasing a ghost & our government knows it. if only people would only wake up and see the truth & not by the media who are worse than the goverment because they know. it's all about world government. if you want to know the real truth you need to watch and watch something truly amazing and the real truth of how we've been lied to!