Gallery: First look at proposed Firefox 4

Gallery: First look at proposed Firefox 4

Summary: The challenge for established browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox is that they have to slim down a bit. However, that’s easier said than done when you have a bunch of plug-ins, add-ons and an established user base you can’t afford to alienate.

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  • Mike Belzner, vice president of engineering at Firefox, delivered a Webcast outlining plans for Firefox 4. The message boils down to three words: Performance, power and personalization. Firefox needs to be fast, tidy and support new technologies such as 64-bit, Direct2D on Windows and other items.

    For more, read Larry Dignan's blog. Here are some highlights - all are noted with a "things may change tag."

    Credit: Mozilla

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  • RE: Gallery: First look at proposed Firefox 4

    This looks exactly as Opera with the Z1-Glass skin. Z1-Glass is the most popular skin. With all the programming and optimisation they forget to think of a shocking and original design. Sad. :/
    • RE: Gallery: First look at proposed Firefox 4

      @alexanderblums Sad to think of reviewers without a spell-check.
    • Always loved Opera though

      Skin is really like from Opera, but at least here I can run what I like, not like on Opera what I have to :). Why they can't change it and Chrome even running more websites found my self. Maybe some day.
  • I like Opera skin and feature, I like Firefox extension

    If Firefox have Opera skin and feature, it will be the perfect browser.
    • RE: Gallery: First look at proposed Firefox 4

      @Sun-W I have finally found what I feel is the perfect browser! Firefox was my choice browser from her beginning, AND I nearly threw it away, due to my having to wait, sometimes as long as two minutes for it to log onto the Internet, but today, the log on time, is about five seconds, and there are times it is even faster.

      The idea of add-ons is great, although one has the ability to create a rather large browser if add-ons become obsessively desirous. If these changes come out, I will never change from my present choice for browser supreme - it's definitely Firefox 3.6.3 right now for me - and I will be the first to try Firefox 4, when you have a better than beta model. I write, simply to tell you I have stood up for Firefox now, for years, and will do!
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