Gallery: Grand designs for the home of the future

Gallery: Grand designs for the home of the future

Summary: As part of the Grand Designs Live show taking place at London's Excel center, tech companies have been showing off their vision for the home of tomorrow


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  • Another OLED gadget is the Lumiblade Reflections mirror, which reacts to gestures made in front of it using infrared sensors.

    The mirror features 70 OLED lights which switch off when the mirror detects the shape of a person standing in front of it. The person's silhouette is then reflected in the mirror, surrounded by lights.

    The mirror is a limited edition and on sale for around £5,000 ($7,400).

    Photo credit: Tim Ferguson/

  • The house of the future display also explores new ways to power gadgets.

    Technology devised by US-based company WiPower uses a transmitter located underneath the table to wirelessly power items on the surface - in this case, lightbulbs.

    Photo credit: Tim Ferguson/

  • The technology on show also extends to the bathroom with this sink made by Japanese company Toto.

    The sink features a light, whose brightness can be adjusted, in the plug hole (left) and a temperature controller which can be rotated to change the water temperature (right), which changes color depending on the heat of the water.

    Photo credit: Tim Ferguson/

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