Gallery: HP adds custom Linux OS to netbooks

Gallery: HP adds custom Linux OS to netbooks

Summary: HP unveils its own custom Linux OS to power a new lineup of netbooks based on Intel's Atom chip.


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  • The HP Mini 1000, which runs on Windows XP, will have screen sizes from 8.9 inches to 10.2 inches. It will be available in December and will start at $399. The displays on the Mini 1000 the display have lower resolution (1024 X 600) than HP's current netbook, theMini-Note (1280 X 768).

  • The HP Mini 1000 with MIE (mobile Internet experience) comes with an HP interface that's built for Linux. Skype, instant messaging and a dashboard for email and browsing come with the package. It's expected to start at $379 with availability in January.

  • The HP Mini 1000

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  • $400 is max I would pay

    I can't see paying more than $400 for a netbook. I can buy a normal laptop for that.The real price point for big success is around $200.

    -- Barts