Gallery: IBM wins grand slam for tennis tech

Gallery: IBM wins grand slam for tennis tech

Summary: The big news at this year's Australian Open tennis tournament might be the length of Venus Williams' skirt or a broken racket but IBM quietly puts fans right in the match.


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  • From secret IBM technology bunkers beneath the arena, to big screens around the ground and augmented reality and cameras that can fly, fans at this year's Australian Open are well catered for.

    Above, Aussie Jarmila Groth returns a tough serve from Belgian Yanina Wickmayer as the IBM speed counter tracks every volley.

    Photo credit and captions: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia

  • Telco sector veteran, now Tennis Australia CEO, Steve Wood talks about the sport's 18-year relationship with IBM and how technology is critical to the game.

    "In the future, players will train smarter, manage injury better, analyze themselves more, all with technology," Wood said.

  • Cybersecuriity is also an issue as IBM's threat tracker maps and stops potential cyber attacks against the Tennis Australia site from all over the world. This particular attack originated in China and is targeting IBM's US hosting center.

    Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia

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