Gallery: Intel Classmate Netvertible CTL 2go Tablet

Gallery: Intel Classmate Netvertible CTL 2go Tablet

Summary: CTL is giving first looks the 2go Tablet - it's second generation Intel Classmate touch-screen netbook device that runs on both Celeron and Atom chips. It's expect to compete with upcoming ASUS netbook devices.


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  • The first review of a production model of the CTL 2go tablet, an early Intel Classmate 2 device that flips and swivels to switch between a standard laptop mode and a tablet/slate mode, calls it the most promising netbook yet.

    But the jury's still out until the final device is ready for the public.

  • The two models of the CTL 2Go tablets feature 8.9-inch and 9-inch monitors. They support either Microsoft Windows XP Home or Linux as an operating system.

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