Gallery: Intel rebuilds netbooks

Gallery: Intel rebuilds netbooks

Summary: Intel announced a new Atom chip and Moblin Beta 2.0 in its efforts to grab market share before netbooks reach their prime.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware, Intel

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  • Intel aims to boost the performance of netbooks with an upgraded Atom chip and a new Moblin beta 2.0 that includes a new interface for the netbook OS that will go face-to-face against Microsoft Windows.

    The current Atom chip setup uses three chips with graphics and the memory controller on their own chip. The updated version called Pineview uses the Pine Trail platform which will only use two chips. A netbook can either its own integrated graphics or work with third-party graphics chips such as Nvidia's Ion. ZDNet UK's Matthew Broersma has more on Intel's netbook upgrades.

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  • Intel also launched the beta of version 2.0 of the Linux-based Moblin netbook platform and included a new interface.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Intel

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  • Awesome

    This Intel idea rocks. Lower Price Better Performance. Whoohoo.
  • RE: (Gallery: Intel rebuilds netbooks)

    When are they going to put GPS in these things?