Gallery: Intel Xeon 5600 - your next server upgrade?

Gallery: Intel Xeon 5600 - your next server upgrade?

Summary: Intel launched its latest server chips designed for next generation data centers and is pitching a five month return on investment for customers using single core servers.


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  • Intel says its new Intel Xeon processor 5600 series is the company's most secure datacenter processor ever. It delivers two new security features, Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions, and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, that enable faster encryption and decryption performance for more secure transactions and virtualized environments. For more on the Xeon 5600 chips, read Larry Dignan's blog

    Credit: Intel

  • Boyd Davis, director of marketing of Intel’s Data Canter Group, holds up an Intel Xeon 5600 processor.

    Credit: Intel

  • Intel® Xeon processor 5600 series die is 248 mm2 with 1.17 billion transistors.

    Credit: Intel

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  • RE: Gallery: Intel Xeon 5600 - your next server upgrade?

    What Does This Mean? A clear Win For x86 Server Workloads.
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