Gallery: Intel's newest Classmates

Gallery: Intel's newest Classmates

Summary: At CES, Intel launched a new model of its Classmate PC that transforms into a tablet. Classmates are Intel netbooks that are designed to introduce computers to primary school children.


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  • At CES, Intel launched a new version of its Classmate PC - one that transforms into a tablet PC. The new Classmates can be carried around and used like a traditional laptop but contain a screen that swivels 180 degrees. Intel sees the Classmate as a tool for primary schools to introduce children to computers.

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  • The original Classmate, which appeared in 2006, is widely seen as having kicked off the 'netbook' concept. Here's the newest model - side view.

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  • It IS a Tablet PC

    The twisty screen doesn't transform it. The Compaq tablet has been doing that for a while now (

    I hope it's [i]really[/i] rugged. After getting carried around and turning the screen back and forth for a year or two, a crack has developed near the corner of the screen. Turning the screen around is a different stress than just opening and closing your laptop.
  • RE: (Gallery: Intel's newest Classmates)

    Yep, Classmates always impress me! Too bad you can never figure out how to actually BUY one.
    • It is sold under the name of MAGALHAES (Magallean) in Portugal

      The Portuguese government is sponsoring a large amount of these machines for up to fourth graders. A local company assembles them and the cell phone companies are the resellers and package it with a mobile internet access.
    • Buying one