Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

Summary: The journey from iPad to Android and back again left wonderful apps in its wake. Here are ten of my favorites.


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  • The journey from iPad to Android and back again left wonderful apps in its wake. Here are ten of my favorites.

    Goodreader is a fantastic PDF reader and file management tool. By far the best iOS app for this purpose, it excels anything comparable on Adroid.

    Plus, read Apple iPad vs. Android Xoom: Judgement Day arrives

  • If you like magazines, then Zinio is the app to beat. Look on their site for magazine discounts. Zinio is also one of the most polished Android apps.

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  • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

    How about Flipboard? It makes viewing Facebook more fun than any other Facebook app out there for the iPad. Twitter as well... the most visually fun viewing of Twitter of any such client out there. It also has lots of other content, e-zines, news, etc. Very very slick app!
  • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

    ipad vs Android ? No brainer... well you'd have to have no brains to go with ipad. Mindless apple zombies....
    • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

      @gtatransam@... One has to have absolutely no sense to choose Android. Honeycomb or any previous versions are just a hype. I tried them and they keep crashing, they are power hungry as well. Any day iPad (both h/w and OS) is the best. No competition yet. May be the next best will be Windows 8 when it comes. HP Web OS (Enyo) is 100 times better than Android crap.
    • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

      @gtatransam@... So if iPad owners are stupid and Android buyers are smart... the ratio of smart people to stupid people is something like 1:25? Wow, you're in an elite group.

      Let's all bow to @gtatransam@. He/she is in the 4th percentile of human intelligence. That certainly makes him/her a genius. Thank you so much for blessing us with your insightful writings @gtatransam@!
    • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

      @gtatransam@... That's funny, you think people who buy iPads are zombies yet you just proved that you are a small minded hater. BTW, small minded was the key to that sentence incase it went over your head.
  • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

    iPad vs Android?<br><br>Coming next:<br><br>Ford Focus vs Automobiles<br>Oranges vs Fruit<br>Montreal Canadiens vs NHL<br><br>iPad is a device. Android is an operating system (actually, a family of operating systems).
    • The elephant in the room

      @kitko Thank you. I run Android on a 480X800 pixel Zio phone and do practically everything anyone with any Android OS device or iPad does on a daily basis: Kindle, Google, Office, PDF markups, YouTube, Facebook, email, drum machine/sequencer/sampler, guitar tuner, GPS with on-board maps (no data connection needed), music player, video player, voice recorder, still camera, video camera, RTA audio spectral analyzer, news and weather, MicroSD card reader, FREE VoIP phone calls from anywhere on the planet with wifi, and even a Stark Trek tricorder. Oh, and it ALL fits in my pocket with enough room left over for the money clip holding the $600 I saved by NOT buying an iPad.
      • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

        And Google knows everything you are doing. Welcome to the Google spynet.
      • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

        @doctordawg "Blah, blah, Blah, blah, Blah, blah, Blah, blah, I think iPads are over priced."
        Ok, I shortened your post, did I miss anything?
  • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

    Whenever someone compares ipad to android and says this or that app isn't available for android, you can always add "not yet", to the end of the sentence. Whereas, the ipad will "never" have flash, or allow you to connect to your computer (or anyone elses) without using itunes. (By the way, because of apps like Google Music, Pocket Cast, Sub Sonic and Audio Galaxy I rarely connect to my computer.) And who knows when, if ever, Apple will have widgets or allow the virtually unlimited customization of android (from keyboards to music players to launchers)? Both platforms are great, I prefer the freedom of android.
    • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

      @faxxess Don't need flash in the near future. We will have HTML5. So Bye bye Flash. Yes I do agree, we have great amount of content today in Flash, but that will eventually fade off and merge into HTML5.
      Customization is more a personal choice then requirement. With Android my experience has been bad - H/w failures, App crashes, OS crashes etc....with iOS I have hardly seen any such thing. More over Market place of Android is big because they have the same app with different names from different programmers. Android team has no control of what's leagal and malicious. Chance of people getting infected by a Malware is fairly higher. Given all this, I prefer iPad, Win 8 (when it comes) and HP Web OS over Android. Believe me, if HP get's a little make over of their HW, then they will be better than iPad. Android will be left a long way behind.
      • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

        @krishnansriram You need flash if you want to surf the net. The ipad, as great as it is, is absolutely worthless for surfing the net, as there are millions of sites it can't access. As for customization being a personal choice, that's one of the reasons Android is great, It's Your Choice, not Apples. Besides, you do have customization options on the ipad, just not as much. As for malware, it's not impossible to get infected on an ipad, and I've never had a virus and I personally know of no one who has on Android. And as for Android being left a long way behind, that's what they were saying before Android blew past the iphone!
      • Your Mileage May Vary

        @krishnansriram My iPhone 3G (which is basically a tiny iPad with a cellphone glued to it) crashed all the time. iOS 4.0 crippled it into unusability and as of iOS 4.2, it was orphaned... just half way into my three year data contract that was essentially required with the iPhone...<br><br>I can't count how often Safari locked up or required my rebooting the entire iPhone.<br><br>Now I'm on an Android 2.2 device, and while I won't try to claim it has glitches too - it works more smoothly than my iPhone and is overall just a far more enjoyable experience.<br><br>I do have an iPad as well, but after a few weeks I just stopped using it. There's very little it offers that my Android pad can't do and do better.

        As for viruses - I really love how often Apple fans pull that one out. Thing is, it doesn't matter how many viruses there are - it's the infection rate that counts and almost no one (well, actually no one I'm aware of) has ever gotten a *verifiable* virus on an Android phone.
    • RE: Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

      @faxxess Your right, iOS devices never will have Flash and that might be an issue for you but not for me. I am actually more than happy to not have Flash on my iPhone or our iPad. You might think that you "need" flash to surf the net because millions of sites still use it but you neglect to realize there are millions upon millions of sites that don't use it. I could count on 1 hand, even if I was missing some digits, how many times the lack of flash has been an issue in 4 years of iPhone ownership. At least on the iPhone I find I use apps to access data much faster than using a browser regardless of flash. The iPad I tend to surf on more but in the almost year that we have had it I can only think of two times where the lack of flash was an issue at all.

      @TheWerewolf Did you not think that iOS 4 was going to slow down your 3G? I upgraded my 3G from iOS 4 and knew before doing it that it would push it but overall it wasn't all that bad at all. I do find it very funny though that you complain about the 3G being "orphaned" with 4.2 when Android devices tend to get "orphaned" with the OS version they are shipped with :-)
    • Flash, and so?

      @faxxess I'm not going to discuss your other points, as I've never used a droid anything. However, on the Flash front, it needs to go away and HTML 5 needs to rule. It's a proprietary product, often time a bug magnet and always a resource hog. So on this front, in spite of the inconvenience it often brings, I can't argue with Apple.
  • I'm a wee bit confused as to what the point of this article is...

    Ok.. the idea *seems* to be "Which iPad apps did I miss when I was on the Android, that got me to move back."

    Fair enough. But Zinio, Evernote, WSJ, Kindle and Read it Later are on both, and since you can just copy files to the Android's SD card, you don't really need Dropbox because "Getting files onto an iOS device is pain in you-know-where." (And there's a Dropbox client for Android even if you DO want to use it...).

    There are several InstaPaper clients as well not to mention a ton of alarm clocks (and it does come with a rather nice one).

    So, out of 10 apps, 6 have versions for Android, 2 have equivalents. That leaves Zite and GoodReader. Web Scrap Book looks like it adds the same functionality as Zite. So we're really down to one.

    Maybe you just didn't look hard enough?

    A great news app, PULSE is the type of download you can use to replace about a dozen individual 'content' apps. It aggregates, organizes and improves the reader experience. If there's one drawback, it's the licensing (or lack of licensing) that precludes PULSE from delivery full articles from many sources. So if you're OK with a Tweet like news brief, this app is a must. PS ? Not bad on images and video, either. Although it could use a lot more.