Gallery: Latest car tech missing Apple?

Gallery: Latest car tech missing Apple?

Summary: Car makers have been looking for the right fit with technology but haven't come up with the right formula yet. Could Apple make a difference?


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  • Over the past few years car makers have been desperately searching for car technology that will let you relax while the car practically drives itself. Big names like Microsoft and Google are jumping on the bandwagon, but one company that carries a history of innovation is noticeably missing - Apple. Larry Dignan has more.

    Here's one car of the future by Italian designer Liviu Tudoran who designed an Apple-inspired electric car for 2020. The exterior would be made up of solar panels. We'd hope that the real company does a little better.

    The following gallery shows some of the new concepts in telematics.

  • Without doing much of anything Apple has made an impact in car entertainment. For example, BMW offers a plug, located in the glove compartment, that will hook up an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch (second or third generation) directly into the vehicle's audio system.

    For years, many an iPhone or iPod user has had all kinds of wires dangling from their dashboards.

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  • About the Consumer Report on Ford's MyTouch...

    ... the primary criticism is about not having physical buttons. Apple's solution would also have this problem.
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: Gallery: Latest car tech missing Apple?

    This ain't rocket science. My 2011 Kia Optima audio system works just fine (I think it's just the base setup on an EX level trim). It accesses storage via USB, navigates folders, allows folder or file metadata. As it is NOT also the nav system, like the upgrade version, it has discrete buttons. Lots of them. I like this. A Kia/Microsoft interface is coming, but not yet available. The simple one works fine. The integration it has beyond audio is the phone, which also works great. Separate systems are good - I'm glad I don't have a 10" touch screen in my dashboard instead of buttons (although I wouldn't mind it IN ADDITION to buttons).
    Schoolboy Bob
  • i love the clean user interface of my Prius. instead of guages it has large

    numbers and graphs that tell me what i need to know.
    and it's all up in my traffic field of vision so i don't have to take my eyes off the road for any length of time, sooo important!