Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon

Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon

Summary: On Friday morning, NASA plans to have two spacecraft crash into the lunar surface to dig up some moon dust and search for water.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • This image shows the candidate craters for the crashing site - a crater called Cabeus (cricled) was selected.

  • The The dark blue and purple areas of the moon's north (left) and south pole show evidence of hydrogen-rich deposits covered by dessicated regolith where ice or hydrated minerals could exist.

    Credit: NASA

  • The original landing site was a crater called Cabeusa A, however, last week NASA switched to crater Cabeusa (proper) after it was determined that it contained a small valley that would allow sunlight to better illuminated the crash.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • so what

    Fortunately the next manned moon flight has been canceled. It was worthwhile to go to the moon in order to find out that it is not worth going to the moon. Myself a scientist I found that one should never give politicians, the military or scientific organization blank checks. My strong guess is that they don't find water on the surface of the moon but even if they did find molecular traces, at what cost in the face of steeply rising unemployment and poverty here in the US, and what would be the practical value of it.
    • If you claim to be a scientist

      You're not showing it. Rather than whining about the money spent on government projects, write up a grant proposal showing how you'd like to make the world a better place, and take it to some foundations where it might be seen!
      What I'm describing gets done every single day in this country and others. And it doesn't get done by armchair quarterbacks (or armchair "scientists") who claim they can do it better, stronger and faster than this or that agency or person.
    • so what

      There are scientists... and there are Explorers

      You sound like a scientist, if its not exactly the way it says it is in the book then it doesn't make sense therefore it does not exist.

      I'll put my trust in the Explorers!
  • RE: LCROSS (Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon)

    Who gave permission to Nasa for striking this bombs?
    Are they gonna bring water from the moon to earth?

    Jose Ortega
    • ayy, Jose...

      You habla engliss...??? duhhhh

      Yeah mon, ...they gonna bring water back in the lawnmower they launch....

      Friggin idiot.... your name says it all.
  • RE: LCROSS (Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon)

    you know they aren't looking for regular water, but HEAVY water (heavy Hydrogen) for use as an energy source. they're hoping to find a good enough concentration to make it worthwhile. i hope they do.
    • You mean Helium3

      If they can make strides in fusion research, then by all means, get to the moon and bring back all the helium 3 we need for testing. It would be a big step for humankind.
      • Wrong time maybe....

        As much as I think finding water or other life supporting particles is important for moving humans on to destroy other planets, I just think the timing was off. Maybe if we were not in a recession and medicaid wasn't talking about going bankrupt, people weren't starving and out of work or wishing they could afford school or diapers for that matter, maybe if people were not not robbing just to feed their families but to just be a crook like in the good old days, and etc. then maybe it would be a little bit cooler to spend that much desperately needed funding on deciding whether or not the moon the has special elements or components for life where no one lives.
      • Moon water is priceless

        If humans are going to extract Helium 3 or other elements from the moon, they need a large quantity of water. It's estimated that it costs about $100,000 (space ship, equipment, rocket fuel, etc.) to send a pound of cargo to the moon. Since a gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds that's $835,000 per gallon.
  • RE: Our goverment wasing our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the money 970 million dollars should have spent on earth, maybe to help homeless families finance affordable housing. Maybe they want them to live on the moon?
    • global finance crisis thinking...

      perhaps the same logic that created the waste--also might care to explain why ANY asteroid/captured space-body would have an atmosphere around it??

  • RE: LCROSS (Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon)

    You guys responding sure sound like a bunch of narrow-minded and short-sighted people. Before you condemn everything, spend a moment at this website:

    Many technology products that you and others are enjoying, including the computer that is allowing you to post your comments, are here as a result of these spinoffs.
  • RE: LCROSS (Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon)

    We are long overdue in getting this done.

    If you are one to believe that we are the only ones in the Universe then we are long overdue in pursuing space exploration. Planet Earth can only hold so many of us and only for a limited time. We belong out there!
  • RE: LCROSS (Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon)

    dude wtf what if theres some kinda aliens on the moon and you disturb them and they come and eat everybody??!!
  • RE: LCROSS (Gallery: NASA ready to shoot the moon)

    will that change the orbit of the moon and cause disaster to earth in the long run.
    • Orbit of the Moon

      Something that only leaves a 66 ft. wide crater on the moon will not have any effect. Notice the huge craters that are hundreds and thousands of feet in diameter. Obviously something much more forceful has made them. The moon gets hit weekly by bigger or more forceful objects. There are objects hitting the moon at 100,000 mph. Our little mosquito bite was only 5000 mph The moon's orbit will be just fine.