Gallery: ReadyBoost and flash drives

Gallery: ReadyBoost and flash drives

Summary: Is your USB flash drive, Compact Flash card, or SD memory fast enough to take advantage of Windows Vista's new ReadyBoost caching feature? Here's how to find out.

TOPICS: Windows, Microsoft

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  • I tested this collection of USB flash drives, collected over the past several years, to see which ones would work with the new ReadyBoost memory caching feature in Windows Vista.

    Credit: Ed Bott
  • When you insert a flash drive into a USB port, Windows Vista loads a driver for it and then offers you this choice. Click the bottom option (Speed up my system) to test the device and quickly see whether it's fast enough for ReadyBoost.

Topics: Windows, Microsoft

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  • published specs?

    Any quick way to determine ReadyBoost numbers/capability before buying flash drives? Any correlation between price and performance?
    • No way I know

      Most mfrs list maximum sequential read times, which doesn't help with ReadyBoost.

      Go to the original post and scroll to the end, where you can find a list of drives that have passed the tests.
      Ed Bott