Gallery: Real threats from space

Gallery: Real threats from space

Summary: The more you study solar flares and asteroids, the more you want to run for cover. A large asteroid is giving Earth, a close but comfortable encounter.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • NOTE: This gallery was originally posted on June 28, 2011 and was updated on Nov. 8, 2011

    NASA warns that an asteroid named 2005 YU55 which is about the size of an aircraft carrier will safely fly past the Earth, closer than the moon's orbit. The closest the asteroid is expected to approach the Earth is 201,700 miles or 0.85 the distance to the moon. This is expected to occur at 3:28 p.m. PST on Nov. 8.

    The last time an asteroid flew this close to Earth was in 1976 - although it went unnoticed at the time. The next close encounter with an asteroid this size is expected in 2028.

    This image of 2005YU was taken on Nov. 7 about 860,000 miles from Earth.

    Credit: NASA

  • This map shows the 2005YU's nearest approch to Earth.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • Nature is scary.

    what else is there to say? Our technology can't save us from an asteroid, Gamma Ray burst aimed straight that us, or a number of other things.
    • Not completely true


      Given enough time, we <I>do</I> have the capability to deflect an incoming comet or asteroid.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

        @Cylon Centurion
        we could just nuke/laser the smaller ones and deflect them into the sun -- no more asteroid!! ... but then the resulting solar flare-up might be pretty intense
  • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

    Good article to wake up people. I'm a retired science teacher and into ham radio which is very affected by the sun. I set up a page "" that shows the sun's current activity and gives some explanations of what to look for if any readers are interested. There are many other good pages on the sun also on the web.
  • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

    There is an iOS App called 3D Sun which sends push notifications of various solar events, there's a solar wind coming from a coronal hole, it should hit Earth around July 1.
    • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

      @bannedagain Excellent post. Thanks.
  • Even closer!

    The table says that the asteroid came within 0.05 Lunar Distance, but the numbers provided are even closer than that. 1 LD = 384,403 km. They say the asteroid passed within 12,000 km; that's a hair under 0.035 LD.
    • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space


      OMG, the extinction of life on Earth could be caused by a rounding error.
    • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

      @kidtree I haven't seen that info anywhere, attribution please.
      • It's an old comment.

        @cjc5447 Somehow ZDNet reused my comment from last June on a similar article. That article gave the distance at which another asteroid was due to pass us, and rounded it to 0.05 LD. I looked up LD on Wikipedia and calculated the fraction. always maintains a table of near-miss space objects in the vicinity, along with some spectacular aurora and solar flare photos. It's always worth a visit.
  • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

    You petty humans. Lol. You're forgetting the REAL threat posed to you pathetic race.

    ME! =D
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

    "...virtually defenseless"... interesting... should we be bolstering our virtual defenses?

    ... there's an app to warn us that our apps aren't gonna work ... post-apocalypse, can make interwebs out of cockroaches? one roach = 1 no roach = 0, sorta thing... if the mutated ones fit in Al's tubes i mean...
    Joe McPlumber
  • Cylons Beware

    @Cylon Centurion<br><br>As you are at least partially electronic, shouldn't you be taking a quick trip to another solar system! :-p
  • Global Warming

    You mean to tell me that the output from the Sun is not constant? Gee, I want a refund.

    Do you think increased solor activity could be a factor in global warming?
  • RE: Gallery: Real threats from space

    I just blasted it using my shark with a freakin' laser beam attached to it. :P