Gallery: SAP, Google put business on the map

Gallery: SAP, Google put business on the map

Summary: SAP and Google are expanding their partnership to take large data sets and integrate them into Google Maps, Earth, Docs and other products.

TOPICS: Google, Banking, SAP

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  • Through this collaboration, SAP is going to add a number of new APIs such as Google Earth, StreetView, Geocoding, Elevation and Directions to give its customers access to real-time data for the first time.
    Credit: SAP

  • The SAP, Google Maps combination will work on mobile, integrating with iPad applications such as SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

    Credit: SAP

  • With SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, customers will be able to see their businesses in a geospatial context to understand the “where” and the “when” of their information, as well as global, regional and local trends and how they are impacted by different scenarios.

    Credit: SAP

Topics: Google, Banking, SAP

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