Gallery: Six years after the first Twitter tweet

Gallery: Six years after the first Twitter tweet

Summary: It's been six years since Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet and the results have been incredible.


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  • Hard to believe but on March 21, 2012 Twitter celebrated the sixth anniversary of its first tweet ,on twttr at the time, by co-founder Jack Dorsey.

    As of February, 2012, Twopcharts says that Twitter had over 532 million registered users. The site is ranked 9th overall worldwide and 8th in the U.S. by  An example of Twitter's power during a crisis was when 177 million tweets were sent on March 11, 2011 after the Japanese earthquake disaster.

    For more information read Zack Whittaker's blog

    This gallery is an upgrade from the 5th anniversary gallery.

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  • Controversy over the first tweet does exist. Many report this as the first tweet by Dorsey but note that this time stamp is 12 minutes later than previous one.


Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • RE: Gallery: Five years after the first Twitter tweet

    Looks like March 21st according to the image.
  • RE: Gallery: Five years after the first Twitter tweet

    and have any of the trillions of Tweets since day one been of any use to mankind ?

    "Going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone. Love Paris xoxo" - Who gives a fcuk - Yawn............
  • Correction on the 140 CHARACTER Tweet Limit

    "The word limit of 140 was established because that's the maximum number of words allowed on a phone text message."

    First, it's 140 characters, not words. Second, the maximum number of characters allowed in a phone text (SMS) message is 160. They reserve 20 characters for the user address, leaving 140 for the message itself.
  • And it's just as stupid now as it was then.

    Twitter is the 2nd most useless POS ever "invented"
  • RE: Gallery: Five years after the first Twitter tweet

    twitter is one of the most overrated piece of technology invented in a long time. Society would be better off without it.
  • RE: Gallery: Five years after the first Twitter tweet

    Twitter is the most interesting development in communication possibilities Ive ever seen. Tweet even better coming 5 yrs. Henkel from Holland.
    • RE: Gallery: Five years after the first Twitter tweet

      @henkel45 How will it be better in five years? More characters per tweet? Less celebrity BS?
  • RE: Gallery: Five years after the first Twitter tweet


    Both sit on the same shelf marked "Useless"
  • No Twitter-themed gallery should miss...

    ...the "fail whale". Don't you guys have any screenshot of those moments which made the poor little whale being carried over by nice pigeons one of the most hated views a web-based app could ever display?

    Damn! How I hated when, back in 2007 and 2008, the whale seemed to be delight in showing me that, no, I wouldn't been able to check my timeline. It made me desire for some seafood dishes at the time.
  • Twitter

    eating a bagel n brwsing Inet. getting haircut soon. having taco for lnch. keep chillin y'all

    "the most interesting development in communication"
  • Twitter will be better in years to come because...

    People who don't use it will realize that it's more than telling people when and how you wiped and what you ate to get there. It's ridiculous the amount of ignorance there is about social networks.

    Being in project management, I can see the future of using Twitters services (or services like it). Being able to give project updates as they happen, in easy to understand short updates, forcing people to be efficient in the language their using. Sure you can fill out a daily/weekly/monthly report - but it's nice to know that the concrete pour at 7 jobsites went well at #projectjobsite1|2|3|4|5|6|7. Without having to call 7 jobsites.

    For those getting into the medical profession, there are many opportunities to attend 4 surgeries at once by using Twitter, getting the minute by minute and being able to chime in while it's happening. This has been successfully accomplished in the past.

    Stop with your blind hatred of technological advancement simply because the updates most others care about are TMI to you. Try something more constructive and maybe blame yourself for not seeing (or even being open to finding) the value.
  • Twitter is Useless

    OMG, so worthless.
  • fetne

    *wow* Looks like March 21st according to the image.