Gallery: Study: Arctic ice cap to melt in 10 years

Gallery: Study: Arctic ice cap to melt in 10 years

Summary: The Caitlin Arctic Survey and WWF released data that shows the Actic Ocean sea ice is thinning and predicts the ocean will be relatively ice free during summers ten years from now.

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  • The Catlin Arctic Survey and WWF released a study Thursday that shows the Actic Ocean sea ice is thinning and predicts the ocean will be almost completely ice free during summers 20 years from now - with most of the melting occurring within the next 10 years.

    Manual drillings and observations by a team of researchers indicate that the ice on the northern part of the Beaufort Sea is made up almost entirely of first-year ice that averages about 1.8 meters thick. Previous studies have uncovered older, thicker, multi-year ice. The newer ice is more likely to melt away completely.

    Martin Sommerkorn from WWF International Arctic Program said, "Today’s findings provide yet another urgent call for action to world leaders ahead of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December to rapidly and effectively curb global greenhouse gas emissions, with rich countries committing to reduce emissions by 40 percent by 2020."

    Credit: Martin Hartley

  • Polar bears may soon be homeless.

    Credit: Martin Hartley

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • sunspots

    Since global warming is actully caused by the Sun and not man. I am sure the reduced sunspot activity we are now experiencing will allow the artic to refreeze.
  • Wary

    Don't believe anything these people tell you.

    Ask for proof and then rigorously investigate.The envirowackos backed by big money have been proven to manipulate data and to outright lie to support their religious fanaticism.

    Yet another in a long line of outrageous predictions which never happen.

    The global dictatorial regime that these evil people are attempting to force on us cannot be allowed. If the UN climate treaty is signed in Dec.and ratified by the Senate America is over.
    Tim Patterson
    • What will it take?

      What will it take before you wake up and look at what is already happening?
      • What

        What will it take for you to investigate rather than just automatically believe what you are spoon fed.

        Here is a little test for you bit. You tell me what you think is happening and I'll provide you with a few 'inconvenient' facts.

        One fact that should be blatantly obvious is in predictions. The zealots have made hundreds of predictions. None of them have panned out.

        Are you aware that Australia has now suspended their 'cap and trade' system? Because it is now known to be based on junk science. There has been no warming since 1998.

        What you lemmings don't seem to understand is that none of this is about the environment. It's about power, money, and limitless control over you and virtually everything in your life.

        Stop sucking in the propaganda bit and do you own research. You'll quickly see a world of power mongers who have been lying to you in pursuit of limitless power.

        Ask the IPCC scientists who were with Working Group 1. Their original report stated that there was no demonstrable human causation regarding climate change. The UN bureaucrats change that report to read exactly the opposite. The scientists had to sue the UN to have their names taken off of that report.

        In case you missed the news bit, we've been in a cooling trend.

        The zealots are really good at showing you the tiny part of Antarctica which is melting. They won't tell you the truth about how the ice in the Antarctic as a whole is expanding.

        The anthropogenic climate change religion is fundamentally dishonest. It is a tool used globalists to realize unprecedented power.

        Don't listen to me bit. Do your own research. Only then will know and believe the truth.
        Tim Patterson
        • Science Disagrees.

          All you climate change apologists - I
          understand you don't like being told what to
          do. I know that the climate change nightmare
          scenarios thrown around lightly by
          sensationalist media sound like empty
          fearmongering. Some of it doubtless it - hence
          the outrageous claims which are later shown to
          be baloney; only the stupidest would think that
          every claim made in the name of environmental
          concern is accurate. But just to say that the
          whole phenomenon doesn't exist and scrabble
          around for the one or two studies which might
          justify keeping your blinkers on is very
          Big money behind the 'lies'? - unlikely, given
          that the whole of big business stands to lose
          vast sums working around the problem unless
          it's shown not to exist. The money's talking
          the other way, my friend - it's the persistent
          facts which mean global warming can't be
          Sunspots causing the warming? - I believe they
          could be a factor, but we should surely hope
          that they aren't, because man-made warming
          would be reversible relatively easily, whereas
          if the sun's uncontrollably making the world
          heat up we'll have to be much more drastic in
          our countermeasures.
          The world is really cooling? - over the last
          five years, sure, but we've had short-term
          cooling a few times recently but the long-term
          trend is firmly upwards. I suppose the people
          fleeing to this argument right now will be the
          most fervent environmentalists next time we get
          five years of warming? Or will they find some
          excuse to abandon that argument once it doesn't
          suit their agenda?
          I don't really care about biodiversity, I'm no
          whale-hugger. More severe storms - sure,
          that'll be inconvenient, but I think we'll
          cope. What worries me about global warming is
          that the sea levels might rise and swamp some
          of our most valuable real-estate, or if we run
          out of oil without good alternatives up and
          running it'll cripple us financially. The good
          news is, according to Wikipedia, the projected
          sea level rise of the next century is 1 metre.
          So, apart from places like the Maldives, we
          should be OK until we figure-out commercial
          nuclear fusion. I was very pleased when I read
          that - I guess that means my enviro-concerns
          aren't motivated by religious fervour, huh?
      • What it will take.

        "What will it take before you wake up and look at what is already happening?"

        He will have to stop watching Fox "News" for one thing.
  • So sea levels will be going down, right?

    Since water expands when it freezes, the melting arctic ice cap should lower sea levels.
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • Actually no.

      If the arctic ice cap were to melt it would make no difference. The ice cap is already displacing it's weight in water. If it were to melt (which it won't) sea levels won't change. Only melting ice on land will cause the level to rise.

      Of course I remember the zealots in the mid 90's predicting that by 2005 large portions of Florida would be under water. Never happened and the zealots never admit they were wrong. They just make new ridiculous predictions and the lemmings continue to believe them.
      Tim Patterson
  • RE: (Gallery: Study: Arctic ice cap to melt in 10 years)

    Ha ha ha, I suppose you sprouted from ooze several 100 millions ago also. We will never agree so let's wait, Oh I'm sorry, you think it will be too late if we wait. Dumb athiest, I'm going home to a better place, where will you go when it's your time?
    • I'm Jealous.

      I wish I had an imaginary friend like you.
  • RE: (Gallery: Study: Arctic ice cap to melt in 10 years)

    Oh No! It's been 800 or 900 years since the last time this happened.