Gallery: Touchy, feely BlackBerry Storm

Gallery: Touchy, feely BlackBerry Storm

Summary: The BlackBerry Storm is the first touch-screen BlackBerry device and one of the first that has a display with real feedback. When touched, the screen depresses slightly.


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  • The BlackBerry Storm is the first touch-screen BlackBerry device and one of the first that has a display with real feedback. When touched, the screen depresses slightly. Matthew Miller has more details.

  • Other specs for the BlackBerry Storm include support for Verizon’s 3G network, 3.2 megapixel camera, integrated GPS receiver, integrated Documents To Go software for full Office document functionality, 1GB of onboard memory with a microSD slot, 3.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth radio with A2DP support, 480×360 display, and 1400 mAh removable rechargeable battery.

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  • After reading the specs...

    Why only 1GB of onboard memory? Why only 128MB Flash ROM? This is inadequate for today's user and I bet this thing will cost twice as much as the iPhone and I still have to buy additional memory (MicroSD which pales in performance to iPhone's onboard flash). Cool touchy feely screen Blackberry but no iPhone Killer. You really had an opportunity to shine here. Better luck next time...
    • Well...

      Well I should point out that it will be packaged with an 8GB SD card and it's been confirmed that it will support 16GB SD cards. And with 32GB cards already on the way, those may be supported as well. So in that department, this thing's pretty much got the iPhone beat.

      This will also have a replaceable battery (unlike the iPhone) and an assortment of battery covers will be offered.
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  • RE: (Gallery: Touchy, feely BlackBerry Storm)

    What is wrong with RIM?! With Cable operators offering FREE WIFI to their customers in the NYC Tri-state area, why would anyone want a devices that doesnt have WIFI!!
    Would never buy it without WIFI. Stupid move by RIM imo.
    • I guess...

      It's not as big a deal for those who don't live anywhere near the NYC Tri-state area.
    • no Wi-Fi not a problem?

      I'd like Wi-Fi too, but since you have to purchase a Verizon data plan with any BB phone, you can use Verizon's own network to hook up to the internet. There are very few places, especially around a city of any size, that will not receive Verizon's network.
    • wifi is a luxury

      Verizon has really good EVDO coverage in most areas. If you have good EV signal there is no need for wifi. You will only surf at the same speed under a good signal or slightly faster if the signal is weak.

      The catch for using WiFi on a smartphone is the time it takes to get it up - if you keep the WiFi turned on all the time your battery will drain quickly. So you only turn it on when you want to connect but this means connecting is not any faster, slower actually, then connecting via EVDO. Also if you are not using a WiFi network you are already set to automatically connect to you must discover AND connect.

      I'm sure iPhone users (1.0) find it preposterous that a phone would not have WiFi since they were used to connecting at dismally slow EDGE speeds but those days are over.

      I'm sure there are places and situations where WiFi is the better or only way you will connect and I agree this is a drawback but it is hardly a deal breaker for most people.
      • wifi is free - that's why

        you can't get charged monthely for wi-fi access... THAT is why i want it on my phone over some carrier-provided internet access they charge you out the ass for.

        if indeed i have to buy a data plan to own a phone of this caliber, i'll be passing.
        • Only applies to the US...

          ......UK gets free internet as part of Vodafones contract for as little as ?35 (thats $52) per month, and thats not just data usage, thats the whole montly package i.e. phone, 600 minutes, SMS, email, internet...So over here I think this could be a possible iPhone killer as it has the same bottom price (there are higher one for more free minutes), equal to better storage with card capacity increasing all the time, and best of all, no iTunes! So now it really just comes down to whether you want 02 or Vodafone as your provider.

          Our weather may be pants, but looks like Apples stranglehold on smartphones for the non-business users is about to be broken..
  • RE: (Gallery: Touchy, feely BlackBerry Storm)

    I'm psyched to try it out, so sick of my 8820 and horrible at&t wireless service...but at the same time trying to prepare myself for the scary price tag I'm sure it will come with...
  • No WiFi - unbelievably stupid

    iPod Touch and iPhone both have WiFi. Around the office, it's the only way to go. To not include it as standard is so backward as to render the device useless.
  • Delusional

    You obviously have never used WiFi with the iPhone. Performance is 3 to 5 times faster than full-blown 3G,
  • They just don't get it... DUH!!!

    I still cannot fathom how these companies think they can bring this weak a$$ game and compete with the iPhone... The iPhone has surpassed the Razor as the number 1 selling phone.... The day of the crackberry is over.. Game over Rim-job... If you want to compete... better bring the A game... The storm is a D- game.

    I love competition as it drive technology faster than anything else...

    So Rim... If you clowns are reading this.. pay attention.... Gesturing... WiFi... Bonehead easy updates and app installs... Killer Apps... Real GPS... Compact... Sleek.. Elegant... Affordable...

    Roll all those into one device and you only have a iPhone knock off.... take it to the next level and you might ... just maybe... just might... have an iPhone killer....

    Best wishes

    Oh.. one more thing... Loose the buttons... I wear the characters away within 8 months... once you do that, the device is worthless.
  • What, no keyboard? Only Verizon??

    This will never sell

    No one will buy a phone without a real keyboard.

    No one wants to be locked into one mobile carrier.

    End of story.
    der passant
    • One word...iPhone!

      I know my previous post puts me in the non-iPhone lovers category (which is true) but saying "This will never sell" because it has no proper keyboard is just a flat out incorrect statement!

      The iPhone has no keyboard, I'm not a fan but I can't deny that this has sold well with its on screen keyboard!

      Sorry, not quite the end of the story I believe...
  • RE: (Gallery: Touchy, feely BlackBerry Storm)

    I wouldn't buy the IPhone because I refuse to do business with AT&T, however, I am a satisfied Verizon customer; will seriously consider Blackberry Storm!