Geek bucket list

Geek bucket list

Summary: Like drops in a bucket of water, there are so many geek things to do and ponder.

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  • Defy gravity at the Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, where gravity is weak and the laws of physics never sat through seventh grade science class. Photo courtesy The Mystery Spot

  • While owning your own name in domain form is great, simply filling up page upon page in a Google search is a great start.

  • Though you won't be around to witness his birth. Carol Riggan, President of the Riverside Community Club enjoying TrekFest. Photo courtesy © 2010 by Herb Kane

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  • RE: Geek bucket list

    Mystery Spot?? This guy is standing straight up in a room of a cabin that slid down a hillside. This belongs in the WEAK bucket list. This lame optical illusion has been replicated around the world for the benefit of the credulous.
    • RE: Geek bucket list


      Ya think?
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    Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock, NC. Ball's roll uphill, people stand at a 45 degree angle! It's been an attraction for over 50 years!