Geeky things to stick in your USB port

Geeky things to stick in your USB port

Summary: Tired of your boring USB stick? Here are some alternative storage devices and toys you can drive from your USB port.


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  • Suitable for Windows and Macs, this Dog / Cat Chatterbot speaks through its own built in speaker.  This will drive your co-workers crazy after only a few minutes.


    Credit: Amazon

  • Just right for when you are working from home and need a multi-purpose stopper for your bottle of wine.  This cork doubles up as an 8Gb USB drive too.


    Credit: Amazon

  • Leave a bar of gold lying on your desk.  This small USB has 16Gb capacity.  Unfotrunately, not made of the real thing.


    Credit: Amazon

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  • that should have been titled flash drives

    where are the usb rocket launcher, usb flashlights, usb heating cup etc.
    • Geeky USB stuff..

      I could have gone on for ever when I started finding them.. Will have to find some more toys for the next one :-)