Gifts for the retro technology fan

Gifts for the retro technology fan

Summary: Is Space Invaders or Duck Hunting a guilty pleasure? Consider these gifts.

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  • The iCade is an arcade cabinet designed for the iPad - originally an April Fool's joke, the concept was taken and developed for the masses.

    Available for $99.99 to U.S. and Canadian customers, this product works by sliding an iPad in to a docking station, where the iCade connects to the device using Bluetooth technology. 

    ION and Atari are partners who are involved in this product. Over 2600 titles from Atari are available through a suite download, whereas an accompanying app allows a user to download and purchase from a selection of 100 games. 

    It is compatible with the iPad and iPad 2 models.


    Source: Likecool

  • A company called Wild Ties are known for their wacky and unusual tie designs - and this is no exception. 

    The design is based on the game Duck Hunting. First appearing on the NES console system, this Nintendo game was produced in 1984. Players used the NES light zapper peripheral to shoot ducks from the sky.

    It was also released as an arcade game, and in packs with Super Mario Bros games. 

    Recently, this target shooter has found itself rejuvenated in copycat smartphone applications.


    Source: Amazon

Topic: Amazon

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  • Duck Hunt

    Way to miss your audience :p It's Duck Hunt, not Hunting.

    Though maybe I'm just an ubernerd for knowing the difference.

    Also, I really really want that couch. Y u cost so much!?!?!