Gifts for the retro technology fan

Gifts for the retro technology fan

Summary: Is Space Invaders or Duck Hunting a guilty pleasure? Consider these gifts.

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  • A company called Wild Ties are known for their wacky and unusual tie designs - and this is no exception. 

    The design is based on the game Duck Hunting. First appearing on the NES console system, this Nintendo game was produced in 1984. Players used the NES light zapper peripheral to shoot ducks from the sky.

    It was also released as an arcade game, and in packs with Super Mario Bros games. 

    Recently, this target shooter has found itself rejuvenated in copycat smartphone applications.


    Source: Amazon

  • Before the days of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox or Playstation, games console reigned, the Atari was a console of choice. If you want to take a trip back to the days of classics like Asteroids, then the 'flashback' Atari console is a good choice.

    This £39.95 console comes equipped with an AC adapter, two classic controllers and sixty games embedded within the machine.

    There is a wide range of games included, some of which are:

    • 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Adventure II
    • Adventure
    • Asteroids
    • Air Sea Battle
    • Battle Zone
    • Circus Atari.


    Source: Prezzy box

  • Do you want to be sent back to the days of Namco Bandai's Pac-man game?

    It is still a popular game and theme, finding its way on clothing, posters and gadgets. However, it is also possible to purchase Pac-man wallpaper stickers for your home, or perhaps your child's bedroom?  

    This sticker set will put you back $45,00 a time, and other options are available to buy online -- including Pac-man borders.  

    The design and product has been created by Blik. 

    Source: What is blik

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  • Duck Hunt

    Way to miss your audience :p It's Duck Hunt, not Hunting.

    Though maybe I'm just an ubernerd for knowing the difference.

    Also, I really really want that couch. Y u cost so much!?!?!