Gifts for the retro technology fan

Gifts for the retro technology fan

Summary: Is Space Invaders or Duck Hunting a guilty pleasure? Consider these gifts.

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  • Do you want to be sent back to the days of Namco Bandai's Pac-man game?

    It is still a popular game and theme, finding its way on clothing, posters and gadgets. However, it is also possible to purchase Pac-man wallpaper stickers for your home, or perhaps your child's bedroom?  

    This sticker set will put you back $45,00 a time, and other options are available to buy online -- including Pac-man borders.  

    The design and product has been created by Blik. 

    Source: What is blik

  • CeullularFactory have produced an 80s style iPhone cover that would make a great gift for any who pine for the days of brick-like mobile phones. 

    The original models and their batteries may have only lasted an hour or so, and left you with an aching, bloodless arm, but this cover only replicated the look and not the weight - luckily. 

    The 80s phone is no longer a strong status symbol, but as a novelty gift or as a prop for a fancy dress party, you can combine your iPhone model with the look of a classic, as well as protect it from scratches and bumps.  


    Source: Amazon

  • There are a lot of retro designs that are being recreated with a modern twist.

    The Auto Flip clock costs $35, and is powered by a 9V battery. Gear operated, the flip mechanism comes down every 60 seconds (surprise surprise). 

    Available at ChinaVasion, the clock's base, spine and frame are all solid metal. The number swatches are fashioned from acrylic, and the turn dial is situated on the right side of the desk clock. 


    Source: Amazon

Topic: Amazon

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  • Duck Hunt

    Way to miss your audience :p It's Duck Hunt, not Hunting.

    Though maybe I'm just an ubernerd for knowing the difference.

    Also, I really really want that couch. Y u cost so much!?!?!