Gifts for the retro technology fan

Gifts for the retro technology fan

Summary: Is Space Invaders or Duck Hunting a guilty pleasure? Consider these gifts.

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  • Priced at £32.99 ($52), the 302 Desk Phone is a salute to 1930's phone models.

    The original model was one of the first phones that used a bell in the base of a unit, usually cast in metal - later to be produced using heavy-duty plastics.

    The 302 Desk Phone has push button dialing, and can plug into a standard phone socket.

    Features include:

    • Push button dialing 
    • Redial button
    • Ringer volume on/off switch
    • Tone/pulse switch
    • Earpiece volume control

    Source: Shiny shack

  • This £12.99 ($20) gift is probably most suited for today's tech-savvy tween (I couldn't imagine many suits using this cover on the way to work) but it's a nice idea nonetheless. The retro controller clip-on case is compatible with iPhone models, including the iPhone 4. 

    Dimensions: 1.5 x 14.2 x 15 x 7cm

    Weight: 226g


    Source: I want one of those

  • Available for pre-order, the Polaroid Z340 twists a classic concept in photography. costing £269.99 ($365) so it's steep for a gadget, however, if you want to print 3"x4" photos and store them on an SD card for future digital use, then this camera is a good option.

    The design is typically classic and mimics a Polaroid camera, however, it comes with a number of modern facilities. These include an LCD screen to edit photos before printing, adding the classic Polaroid border to images, editing and cropping, of which which everything can be downloaded as an app for use on a mobile device.

    It prints on Zinc paper, and uses a rechargeable lithium iron battery. The image quality is 14.0 megapixels, and there is an integrated 4x zoom. It prints every image in less than a minute -- however, only 25 can be printed per charge.

    Don't forget to equip yourself with an SD card.


    Source: Firebox

Topic: Amazon

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  • Duck Hunt

    Way to miss your audience :p It's Duck Hunt, not Hunting.

    Though maybe I'm just an ubernerd for knowing the difference.

    Also, I really really want that couch. Y u cost so much!?!?!