GNOME 3.0 has landed!

GNOME 3.0 has landed!

Summary: Today sees the GNOME Desktop project released GNOME 3.0, the first major release of the free and open source desktop environment in nine years.

TOPICS: Open Source

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Topic: Open Source

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  • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

    Wow ... very nice. But ... why not available for Ubuntu ?
    • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

  • Not impressed with the POOR visual quality of the L&F

    We are 2011 ... not the 1990's. The L&F is so freaking ancient that it makes the entire WM unappealing.<br><br>The app icons may look acceptable, but the applications shown look horrible (including the toolbar icons). I can't believe that the fonts are still as crappy as when they were introduced 15+ years ago.<br><br>I understand that the strength of software is in the quality of the internal components. But come on ... we are in the 21th century and visualization and usability is just as important as the functionality it provides.
    • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

      @ wackoae

      Hey ... You never heard in lots of customization available in Gnome? There is no WM on any operating system in the world, with tons of L&F customizations, practical and useful, like Gnome. An exception might be the E17 (but is still very immature).
      Aristoteles Benicio
    • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

      I completely agree!! Linux and UNIX OSes and Window Manager developers have to one day come to the realization that UI matters to people. Look & Feel is a big deal... People are LINING UP to over pay for Macs... In essence all that they offer over Windows and say Ubuntu is look and feel.
  • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

    Starting with this month's release (11.04), Ubuntu is switching to the Unity desktop. It will still use the Gnome engine, but Unity will be Ubuntu's official desktop manager.
  • Why so big and clunky?

    I've tried to use different versions of Linux on my netbooks over the years but have always found that interface is so big and clunky. Why are the icons always so huge and so much wasted space on the windows / forms? If only there were options to use small icons!
    • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

      @johnd126 Linux has your answer.
      You can resize your icons by setting the propreties at Gnome File Browser.

      This is what you need to do:

      - Open the File Browser and choose: Edit -> Preferences
      - In the "Icon View Defaults" section, set the desired (50% for example) "Default Zoom Level"
      - Take a look at your desktop! :-)



      PS: Unflag the "Use compact layout" option for a better result with the icon text labels.
  • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

    Very much improved desktop!
  • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

    It's looks kinda Apple-ish. The images they use for icon's don't look as professional though. Free is who can complain?
    • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

      @bmonsterman I don't see it.
  • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

    If this were my desktop environment, as pictured, I'd be wildly furious that so much screen is wasted with excess menu bars and title bars.

    Heck, look at that simple image preview window: a full THIRD of that window is being used by the title, menu, and status bars. Unacceptable.
    • RE: GNOME 3.0 has landed!

      That's sort of the way it look as default. I prefer using compiz as my WM and emerald as the decorator and get an appearance that is equivalent to either Windows or a Mac.

      Never have cared much for the defaults for the reason you mention.