Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

Summary: Here's a look at Google's Chromebook and its test machine.

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  • The keyboard is simplified. The function keys are gone - no print key. What's between shift and tab on the left?

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  • The keyboard with the touch pad.

  • Google's Get Started series of screens explains how to live in the cloud.

Topic: Google

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  • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

    "Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance"
    gives me the creeps. With this Google will now know all the other non-Google sites i visit so that they can better profile me.

    When will Google come clean about all the data that they track about its users and what they do about it?
    • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

      I agree totally with you about Google. I just don't see the whole cloud concept being a good idea. This idea has been around for a long time and has never really taken off. I would much rather store all of my documents, data, presentations, programs, etc. on my hard drive and my backup drive. I would think that most people would also not feel very comfortable putting all of their information in a 3rd party storage site, this is not like a cloud controlled backup system, those seem to work pretty well. Rather this concept is that you would not store anything on your computer. I put this in the same category as the new tablet craze. While I can see some functionality for the iPad, it would never replace my MacBook Pro; and I just don't see the tablet concept replacing a keyboard and pointer input. Even the very good touch screens that are available, like some of the HP all in ones, are not trying to replace the keyboard and mouse pointer.
      • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

        @MichaelWells When tractors first came out the people who bought them also kept their horse teams for years after that. The reasons were various from sentimental, to the tractor might break down, to what do we do with the hay? etc. etc. But there are not many horse teams now. (check cultural history)
      • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

        What?? First you are comparing replacing animal labor with an obviously superior mechanical machine. So how do you compare a Chromebook replacing an obvious superior and more powerful MacBook Pro or any good Windows notebook? Like I stated earlier, the "cloud concept" has been around for sometime and still has not caught on. As far as the tablet craze, I do think they will become standard everywhere; not as a computer but as a media device. I could see tablets replacing newspapers, books, magazines and anything else on paper. I should not say replace, but rather change the form factor with which these services are sold and delivered.
      • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

        @MichaelWells Point well taken. With Goggles consented connection with the Government in tracking terrorist, I fear an unwanted intrusion into all Internet activity. Let's face it. They need the info on terrorist but I am thinking they smell money for the taxing. Too much money changes hands on the Net and our Greedy Uncle wants his share! Beware! Your freedom is beginning to fade away bit by bit in undercover actions. You will have no privacy and E-Bayers and others will be snared! That is their real goal! Goggle is their best known supporter but the ISPs are even more involved. Big Government needs big money! Our founders lived off the land. When the first fishing license was issued was the beginning of the end of our Freedom! Let all beware and reign in our Government to the proper size! Goggle is the best, but a great shame should bother them! They can use a toolbar and know all your business. What can they do with your info stored on their space? Using their OS, your privacy and business will soon become a matter of public record for the Feds to sift through at will! Keep you hands clean and on your check book!
      • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

        My grandmother probably thought the same thing when she was asked to put her money into a bank instead of keeping it underneath her pillow.

        I agree that chromebooks are not Macbooks but they offer other advantages as well (no virus because of the sandboxed tabs, no patch, encrypted data).

        Plus a chromebook is not the cloud, it's one of many devices to access data in the cloud
    • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

      Um, dude, even Safari uses DNS prefetching. This is a non-issue. Try again.
    • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

      h t t p : / / 0 8 4 5 . c o m / 1 o 3

      I tide fashion
  • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

    Well the cloud idea might have been around but not the infrastructure to make it come true - today this is where we are going. Good or bad mobility dictates accessibility and the cloud is just better in this department. Lot's of kinks to work out and security of our data is a major one but the move is on!
    • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

      You maybe right, that this will be the future. I will say not for me. With the capacity of laptop hard drives approaching server size and speed and quality increasing yearly, I just think that most of the general public will want to keep their own content on their own laptops. I could see the cloud working better for desktops, where you cannot take it with you. Who knows for sure what the future holds, you may well be right; but I am very leery about citizens putting their information and documents in a company's hands that can be accessed by a rogue employee or the government.
  • Cloud

    The only reason PCs were developed was the lack of communications bandwidth. The mainframe was the solution before PCs. With bandwidth increasing dramatically this enables the Google Chromebook to work. The Cloud will be the dominate architecturally in the next 5-10 years for sure. The cloud is much cheaper and easier. No local SW to install or use. No backup. The cloud will not replace all PCs. Some people do not use banks and keep their money in their mattress. But most people use banks just like they will use the cloud.
    Pat R.
  • RE: Google's Chromebook: A brief tour

    What is the big deal? I must be clueless. is this not just another lap top or branded low power ad based toy? the cloud is just a hard drive somewhere else, that you do not control.