Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

Summary: Way back in April, Sony announced its plan to enter the tablet game with a pair of uniquely-designed tablets that definitely go against the traditional look of the iPad and others. Here is a hands-on look at both the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P.


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  • Make no mistake about it: both of these tablets are consumer-focused devices. Sony reps reminded me that Sony is an entertainment company, and these devices are in fact reflective of that.

    That isn't to say that they can't be used for professional purposes. They are still Android 3.0 Honeycomb-based machines, and users can download productivity apps and such from the Android Market as they please.

    Check out our a full review over on Between The Lines.

  • I'm not a big fan of Android to begin with -- the only tablet I use regularly is an iPad, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. I'm also a lesser fan of tablet manufacturers that put their own UI touches on top of the Android platform, with the exception of HTC Sense, which is just less cluttered than most alternatives. However, Sony's isn't so bad. The gestures are intuitive, the main apps menu is easier to navigate and there's a unique QuickLaunch menu  with nine squares (pictured, Brady Bunch-style) that represent the nine most-recently used apps for quicker navigation.

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  • Another Press Release Journalism

    Lazy article. Even lazier headline.
    • Pretty harsh there...

      @matdrat Complain much?
      I thought your comment was lazy.

      I found the article to be informative and concise. A short set of decent photos with a quick blurb of interesting comments for each (sure beats just photos with no text).
      If you want more detail, a link in the first caption takes you there.
  • Sony sure went a different route

    This will make an Apple lawsuit on "look and feel" pretty difficult. :)
  • RE: Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

    Nice job! I enjoyed being able to get a little info with each picture and not have to read a long dissertation of off the mark subjects or comparisons.
  • A little hypocracy, don't you think?

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the article and photos. The problem I have is that the author claims that the iPad is her favorite tablet (and she is "not ashamed to admit that").

    Then, in a later caption she says that she likes the Sony's full-size SD slot that is "woefully missing from most tablets".

    What about tablets that lack ANY standard slots -- namely the iPad?

    I am a big iPad user myself, but I like fair comparisons. Android has gotten pretty good on tablets, with release 3.2. You should check it out.
    • RE: Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

      Its a problem with modern day blogger/journalists. They are not afraid (or not aware) to tell you they are biased from the get go and don't see a problem with that. Ask anyone who studied journalism why thats bad. To me many bloggers are sensationalists trying to gather click throughs as demanded by their bosses rather than the story. The story almost seem secondary.
      • RE: Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

        @rengek you and @madrat obviously have some bone to pick but I would disagree with the lazy and bias points as I don't see anything lazy in this presentation. As for bias it is foolish for anyone to consider themselves unbiased. Everyone has some kind of bias and it is better to state your known biases up front and/or try and identify your bias so that they can be stated. Or do you really believe FOX news is unbiased?
  • RE: Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

    Wow these are 2 ugly devices that look like chineese knock off creations. i dont know why these would appeal to anyone? Sony makes crap devices for the past 12 plus years and now they go with ugly styling and weird lcd sizes in these units...I say they fail before they hbit the shelves.
    • RE: Hands-on look at Sony Tablets S and P

      I agree with you there buddy... How is Sony even still in business? They just make a ton over priced crap devices. Their devices aren't compatible at all, the design is all over the place, and they lack innovation.