Hands on with Seagate's GoFlex Satellite

Hands on with Seagate's GoFlex Satellite

Summary: Storage space on the iPad 2 (and most other tablets) is limited to 64GB maximum. Without a USB port or an SD card slot, it's nearly impossible to add on room for more multimedia. Seagate's GoFlex Satellite is trying to fill this void.


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  • Considering it is USB 3.0-ready, there is also USB 3.0 USM adapter with a detachable cable. (Don't worry, the GoFlex Satellite is also USB 2.0 compatible). The port for the USB 3.0 transfer cable is hidden rather well behind a removable door at the bottom of the drive. Everything else is quite easy and intuitive to figure out.

  • Straight out of the box, the GoFlex Satellite had a significant battery charge. There are two LED lights on the box: both should be green most of the time to signify the power is on and a signal is ready. One of the lights will illuminate in blue when actually streaming content. 

    The battery life is fairly adequate with a maximum of five hours when continuously streaming HD video to one Wi-Fi-enabled gadget. That's enough for a cross-country or even a trans-Atlantic flight (depending on your starting and end points). That's also for HD video only, so if you're streaming music, looking at documents or photos, you can expect a lot more juice time.

  • The GoFlex Satellite is a rather light portable HDD that feels about the same size as most other compact external hard drives these days. A good comparison would be Western Digital's My Passport SE for Mac. With the ice cream sandwich-like exterior, it fits in well with the design of most other current iOS mobile devices. 

    However, don't let that fool you into thinking this is an iPad/iPhone-only accessory. Seagate is targeting this device at Android tablet and smartphone owners as well.

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