Hands-on with the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800

Hands-on with the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800

Summary: RIM and AT&T are rolling out the first BB 6 device as the Torch 9800 with both a full touchscreen interface and QWERTY front facing keyboard. The 3.2 inch capacitive display slides down over the top of the hardware QWERTY keyboard so you get the best of both worlds in a single device with several software improvements.


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  • No HD Video...

    and worse still - it's only available at AT&T. it's dead in the water!
  • RE: Hands-on with the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800


    Got denial, fanboi?
    This is the best move that BlackBerry has ever made, because AT&T rocks.
  • As far as Blackberries go, it looks decent

    Granted it doesn't have the an app store with deep selection of highly polished end-user-centric apps like the iPhone... and it's not open like the Android... but I've used a Blackberry on and off (mostly on) for 10 years, and they're work-horses. This is a WELCOME (replacement?) to the Storm (which was nearly un-usable with just the touchscreen keyboard). As much as I love touchscreen devices (iPod Touch, iPad, and I love the iPhone), RIM just got it all wrong with the Storm. Hopefully this can succeed where the Storm failed. Blackberry's OS is so tied to using a keyboard... and the Storm just didn't break from that paradigm enough to warrant abandoning a physical keyboard. I'm really happy to see this model has a keyboard. This could give them the room they need to continue developing their touch screen OS... without bastardizing the OS by a lack of a physical keyboard.