Hands-on with the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE

Hands-on with the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE

Summary: Sprint rolled out the new HTC EVO 4G LTE, after delays caused by an Apple lawsuit, and it is a fine device for the Sprint network. Without LTE in place though, the data speeds are tough to swallow when you have LTE devices on other networks.


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  • Great phone with few...

    The Evo lte is the far superior of the Htc One line up. There are a few things that are of dislike that were better on the original evo. The fact the power hdmi ports are not on the bottob side by side is a negative. The split glossy back instead of the single backplate whioch allows extended batteries while keeping the phone the same thickness throughout sucks.I would have liked to see the thicker kickstand from the thunderbolt on this unit and one of the biggest is I would have loved to see the 4 button format kept instead of the 3 button format. The HTC sense is far superior to Samsungs UI. I do like samsung products but I find their ui not to great and as far as technical help with samsung good luck.All and all thought the HTC Evo 4G Lte is the best phone availiable on any carrier and since it is on sprint that means true unlimited plans and it can of course be taken to Boost for $30 a month. You wont get lte 4G not yet. I have my original Evo on boost now for $30 amonth with unlimited 4G wimax.