Heavenly bodies: Out of this world happenings in 2012

Heavenly bodies: Out of this world happenings in 2012

Summary: Geek out with eclipses, meteor showers and robotic machines landing on Mars. Check out what is happening across the skies in 2012.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • The Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth on November 13th, totally blocking out the whole disk for a number of seconds. The path of totality will only be visible in parts of extreme northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible in most parts of eastern Australia and New Zealand.


    Credit: NASA

  • Map showing the part of the total solar eclipse of November 13th

  • The Leonids appear in the constellation of Leo and produce about 40 meteors per hour at their peak on November 17th and 18th.  This year there will be dark skies promising a good show.  The best time to watch is after midnight. The Leonids are best known for having bright 'fireballs' which punch into the atmosphere with 'the kinetic energy of a car hitting at 60mph'


    Credit: NASA


Topic: Nasa / Space

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    You appear to be on a major mission to thoroughly waste all of our lives on your ridiculous Slide Shows. Let's get back to responsible photo-journalism PLEASE.