Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

Summary: Design-inspired and original gifts rule the roost this season--here are 11 ideas for DIYers, provocateurs and cool hunters.


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  • Chain stores have little to offer this holiday when compared to the unique gifts you can find if you only look. As a follow up to 10 holiday gift ideas for alpha geeks, here are more hand-picked novelties that'll please any tech hipster on your gift list:  

    Dot is an attachment for the iPhone 4 and 4S that, together with Kogeto's free Looker app, allows users to capture immersive panoramic video and share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and (Image Credit: Kogeto)

    Availability: Now
    Price: $79


  • The Nest Learning Thermostat, built by a group led by the man who also headed up the original iPod and iPhone teams, is designed to improve home energy efficiency by giving households a heating or cooling controller that adapts to usage patterns and incorporates information gathered from the Internet. (Image Credit: Nest)

    Availability: On backorder
    Price: $249

  • German manufacturer LEDO has developed a distinct line of “Bulled” LED light fixtures that screw into traditional incandescent receptacles (up to 60 watts). The bulbs use just 11 watts, which amounts to 85% less energy than their incandescent counterparts. They provide 330 degrees of omnidirectional light, are dimmable, and have a claimed lifespan of 80,000 hours. (Image Credit: Ledo)

    Availability: Europe only
    Price: €99 ($134)

Topic: Apple

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  • RE: Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

    Got tired of reloading the pages...
  • RE: Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

    For the love of all that is good and pure in the world, please have the site developers refactor the image gallery so that a page reload isn't required for navigating each image. It can take a good 3 seconds for each page to load, and that becomes rather irritating with a gallery of 10 images (hence why I rarely make it past the third image in any given gallery).
    • RE: Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

      They won't do that because everytime the page gets reloaded, it generates more mouseclicks and mouseclicks mean more money around here.
      • RE: Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

        @ScorpioBlue Yeah, I know, but they'll get even less clicks as readers stop viewing the pages entirely.
  • RE: Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

    Those are all pretty crappy gifts lol If I got any I wouldnt be very excited. Then if I found out what the item cost and didnt just get the money Id be pissed lol All true overpriced garbage.
    • RE: Holiday gifts for alpha geeks: Part 2 (photos)

      @Fletchguy I agree, I mean, $135 for a single light bulb? $850 for a portable synth? $200 for a Bluetooth speaker? $250 for a thermostat? $300 for headphones? Let's make some real world comparisons.

      ~$5 for four 60-watt replacement fluorescent bulbs that use 11 watts of power each and have 10,000 hours lifespans.

      ~$125 for an M-Audio portable synth/MIDI controller.

      ~$30-70 for just about any quality portable speaker, Bluetooth or otherwise.

      ~$75 at Home Depot for a digital, web connected, remote controlled from anywhere over IP thermostat.

      ~$25-$125 for Sennheiser studio headphones. You know, Sennheiser? As in the Sennheiser Orpheus?

      So in all reality, this list could have done a much better job if it had been comprised of products both in the average consumer's budget, AND products that were even logical. There's another overriding thing the writer forgot about alpha geeks. We love love LOVE a good deal on our tech. By that, i mean that it has to be tech that justifies the price. None of this tech is good enough to command the price tags.

      True, the touchscreen gloves and the kit guide magazine are pretty cool and worth the money, and I got one of each, but everything else is either pointless (looking at you, footswitch) or grossly overpriced.