How Google secures its data centers (photos)

How Google secures its data centers (photos)

Summary: Google has opened the doors to one of its data centers to show how it protects customer data


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  • Drives that are no longer in use at the datacenter are destroyed in a multistep process to ensure that the data they contained is not recoverable.

    The first step is putting drives into the crusher, where a steel piston is pushed through the drive deforming the drive's platters and making them unreadable.

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  • The next stage of the destruction process is putting the drives through a shredder that reduces the drives into fragments.

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  • Information stored on hard drives inside the data centers is also backed up on magnetic tapes, such as the banks of tapes seen here.

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  • RE: How Google secures its data centers (photos)

    pretty basic stuff.
    • RE: How Google secures its data centers (photos)


      You'd be surprised. I've been to datacenters where security wasn't nearly on par with what google is doing. I'm certain that places like Google and Microsoft have good reason to have such security, but you'd think certain public sector datacenters would care just as much about their data.
    • I agree. I'm guessing most of those high security

      @dbeecher@... <br>procedures are for Google's own data (software, search algorythims, corporate data, ect) while the customer data is pretty much industry standard levels.<br>
      Bill Pharaoh
  • RE: How Google secures its data centers (photos)

    the basic way is always the best way