How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

Summary: The global job market is in a precarious position. Increasing numbers of people compete against each other for vacancies, from the CEOs recently made redundant to the unemployed undergraduate. The current unemployment statistics are worrying - but it has inspired some new and creative ways to grab an employer's attention.

TOPICS: CXO, IT Employment

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  • Google AdWords are often used by SEO specialists or start-up businesses to try and get themselves on the map - so Alec Brownstein decided to use this tactic to raise the attention of top advertising creative directors.

    With a $6 purchase of five names, when the top directors Googled themselves, a personalised message from Alec appeared:

    "Gooogling yourself is fun. Hiring me is fun, too."

    Four of the creative directors offered him an interview, and two later extended their offers to employment. The ploy was successful, and now Alec is employed in New York for one of these firms.

  • Pushing to get to the top? Do it - literally. Alex Kearns, an unemployed graduate of Swansea University, England, had no luck in his job search. After sending out scores of resumes and receiving no response, Alex decided to make sure his credentials got past the gatekeepers by unfurling a giant version of it in Trafalgar Square, London. 

    The sculptor Antony Gormley's One & Other Project allowed winning applicants an hour to stand on the forth plinth in the square.

    Instead of using it to promote an ethical or global cause, Alex took a novel approach in using that valuable time to drum up interest in his resume.

    After the stunt, a manager at the International Business Development Group rapidly contacted Alex, where he now works selling consultancy services to companies in the UK and abroad.

    (Source: Flickr)

  • For the creative types out there, consider using a showreel or animated resume online to get the attention you want.

    A rapidly digitising network of information means that we have more freedom available to us in showcasing ourselves - the standard paper format resume now is often rejected by employers who prefer emailed copies, or for job hunters to complete applications and tests online.

    In creative industries, some jobseekers have gone further than an online portfolio, and moved on to film in order to secure an interview - demonstrating the skills they want to showcase and what the employer is looking for.

    By engaging an employer longer than the few seconds it takes to scan a resume and reject it, you may have more chance of success in a competitive job market.

Topics: CXO, IT Employment

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  • RE: How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

    These are some good ideas, particularly the resume on a shirt idea.