How to migrate your email to Hotmail or Gmail

How to migrate your email to Hotmail or Gmail

Summary: College is coming to an end for many, and so will your email accounts. This guide will show you how to keep your old college emails.


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  • Now you need to add your new email account to Outlook to transport your old email items over. Simply select File (the orange button) and hit Add account, and run through the process again.

    Be sure to enter the settings from the new email account, too. If you are using Gmail or Hotmail, you can simply type in your name, email address and password and it will do it for you -- saving you time and effort.

    To read more on this gallery, visit the iGeneration column, where you can read more about migrating your email to Hotmail or Gmail.

  • Once you have your old college email and your new email address set up, you need a place to store it. This step is optional but it makes organisation easier.

    To create a new sub-folder for where your old college email can remain, select the Folder tab and hit New folder. Find your new email address and highlight it -- just as we have here in the screenshot. This will put it as a folder within your email inbox.

    However, if you would like your old college email to be a sub-folder of your Inbox, then highlight the Inbox field underneath your new email address. You can always move the folder afterwards for your inner-peace.

    To read more on this gallery, visit the iGeneration column, where you can read more about migrating your email to Hotmail or Gmail.

  • This is the important bit. To transfer all of your emails over -- on fast Internet connections -- select all of your email (or click on one and press Ctrl + A), then right click and select Move and then Copy to folder. Be sure to select the correct folder as to avoid confusion, which was created a few steps back.

    While you may be more comfortable in moving directly, in this method we simply copy the emails (and we will delete them later), to make sure that if this isn't successful, you can try again and haven't lost all of your messages in the process).

    To read more on this gallery, visit the iGeneration column, where you can read more about migrating your email to Hotmail or Gmail.

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  • Good for when changing hosting services

    Unfortunately, I discovered the drap and drop via Outlook trick AFTER changing beteen ISPs using different versions of hosting software (which meant I couldn't restore to the new one from a backup of the old one). I forwarded the emails I wanted. How tedious was that!!!

    Not on Outlook here, but I thought using the Ctrl-while-drag-and-drop (copy) worked between IMAP accounts.
  • Outlook Express/Windows (live) Mail

    Pretty Good Walk-through!
    Same procedure will work with Outlook Express (except for creating an exchange server rule to forward to new account). For that matter it can work with any mail reader that you can add multiple accounts. Thunderbird for example. (Available for many platforms.)

    Also if you are using Outlook, you can make deleting a little easier by setting up auto-archive to delete the old email.
  • Why do things the easy way, Zack,

    when one can do them the hard way ? I don't wish to comment on how to forward mail to Hotmail, but for users who wish to do so to a Gmail account, then the simplest method is to use Mail Fetcher (

    • RE: How to migrate your email to Hotmail or Gmail

      @mhenriday I agree -- but this is a 'one size fits all' solution for the very vast majority.
  • Message has been deleted.

  • RE: How to migrate your email to Hotmail or Gmail

    Why anyone would move to Hotmail is beyond me. All I get is the message 'Windows live hotmail was unable to complete the request'. Lots of users are getting this and Microsoft is doing nothing to fix it.
    • RE: How to migrate your email to Hotmail or Gmail

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  • RE: How to migrate your email to Hotmail or Gmail

    Only problem with this is if you happen to be using a different PC (say when travelling), if it does not have Outlook Express installed you will have problems and likely not be able to access your mail account. You cannot blindly assume that you will be able to download OutlookExpress to any PC you might happen to be using (possible lack of admin privileges).
  • 'Split-view' is what I need for Gmail... least let Googlers provide the option of employing it in Gmail. Having to click 'back' in order to select a particular message makes me sick and is time-consuming.
  • No link provided to download trial Office

    Marc Erickson
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