How to stay safe online with a PC or Mac

How to stay safe online with a PC or Mac

Summary: Many people think that security begins and ends with antivirus software. I disagree. Of course you should run a well-supported, up-to-date security program—whether you use a PC or a Mac. What else do you need to do? In this gallery and the accompanying blog post, I share the five steps I teach to friends, family members, and clients who want to avoid malware, scareware, phishing sites, and other online scams.

TOPICS: Security, Apple, Hardware

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  • Microsoft's spam filters force junk mail to display in plain text only

  • Learn how to tell a secure site from a standard HTTP connection

Topics: Security, Apple, Hardware

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  • RE: How to stay safe online with a PC or Mac

    Could have been more informative for the novice, and LastPass was hacked in May of this year I believe.