HP Mini 1151NR netbook by Verizon Wireless

HP Mini 1151NR netbook by Verizon Wireless

Summary: The HP Mini 1151NR netbook box is relatively small, as these things go.


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  • A top view looking into the HP Mini 1151's battery cavity.

  • Taking the HP Mini 1151NR netbook for a test drive at my local diner. No that's not a marketing shot :)

  • A picture of the Dell Vostro A90, my current favorite hackintosh (left) compared to the VZW/HP Mini 1151NR (right). Note the HP’s wider (10-inch) screen and larger keys — both are welcome additions. One thing that I can’t get used to, however, is the HP’s side-mounted trackpad buttons. They’re super-unnatural feeling and would require years of de-programming to get comfortable with.

Topics: Hardware, Hewlett-Packard, Mobility, Verizon

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