Hurricane survival apps to keep you safe from the storm

Hurricane survival apps to keep you safe from the storm

Summary: Here's what you can do after you hear all the chatter about a hurricane that's rapidly approaching.


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  • The SSEC’s Geostationary Satellite Images site, which shows high-resolution animated satellite images from several different weather satellites in Flash or Javascript, depending on what type of device you are using.

  • Described as “The ultimate radar application for the iPad” Radarscope (iOS, $9.99) is an extremely sophisticated, real-time doppler radar app for iOS that completely exploits the new Retina display of the third-generation iPad.

    It features the ability to select from dozens of long-range doppler radar stations and get data in real-time and also gives you severe weather alerts which you can click on and focus on a particular dangerous weather area.

  • iHurricaneHD by (Ad-Supported iOS/Android/Windows Phone, $2.99 Ad-free)is a free advertising-supported hurricane tracker App for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices. The company also has a full desktop suite for Windows PCs.

    iHurricaneHD allows you to track the progress of current and past storms and uses projection data from the National Hurricane Center. Plus, view various static satellite maps from the US Navy, GOES and METEOSAT, and provides a better interface to warning and alert information from the NHC than the NHC does with its own website.

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  • Hurricane software

    I've used Hurricane Software's tools for many, many years. I find it to be very well done, and quite timely. I now also have their iOS version. I'm not sure which I would use otherwise; I simply don't have the urge to replace their stuff.
  • You do't need an app

    Just stay away from the GOP Convention center. God's pissed at the GOP and most of the damage from this storm is going to be limited to the general vicinity of the convention.