IBM CityOne game builds a smarter planet

IBM CityOne game builds a smarter planet

Summary: IBM's CityOne is a serious Sim City-like game that tries to show customers, partners, and students how smarter tech decisions can solve business, environmental, economic, and energy problems.

TOPICS: Mobility, IBM

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  • As players complete each turn, they're given a breakdown of how their decisions affect the city and its industries.

  • At the conclusion of turn 10, players are given a breakdown of how they changed the city. Players can earn trophies, and can compete for a global ranking. ZDNet Australia achieved 632 after a couple of attempts. Can you do better?

Topics: Mobility, IBM

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  • Propaganda tool

    So, where is the REAL WEALTH being created in this game? Like, agriculture and industry? Gee, guess this is just a Club of Rome propaganda tool, where what matters most is completely ignored.
    PC Ferret
  • Dumbing Down, Distortion, Disillusion & Propoganda, Agree with PC Ferret

    Promoting excessive resource consumption, heisting the government, trying to promote materialistic greed as cultural norms, creating socio-economic instability and disparity, compromising humanistic values for that sake of profit where the idea that throwing money at something makes it better or concerned such as the falsehood of a profit-making enterprise ever caring about anybody's health, transferring the debt burden upon society that puts the rest of the population into indentured servitude while reducing opportunity and even quality of life, deteriorating civic infrastructure, eliminating civic services at the expense of corporate or consortium giveaways, fraud, along with many more ethical and criminal problems characterizing the retail and banking/financial/insurance syndicates as means to a smarter planet? I had hopes for this effort but when I saw the result, I was disillusioned and avoided it. No way do I promote what is happening to the USA and IBM should be ashamed for portraying conservation, preservation, sustainable measures, and democratic republic values. Nothng more than greenwashing and distortion from corporate capitalist propaganda.