IBM X3950 M2 Server

IBM X3950 M2 Server

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TOPICS: IBM, Hardware, Servers

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  • This it the IBM X3950 M2 Server based on the IBM X4 chipset and the Intel 7300 series "Tigerton" XEON MP quad-core Processor. This 4U server holds 32 energy efficient DDR2 DIMMS which is unique since all the other Server vendors using Intel's "Caneland" 7300 series chipset uses FBDIMM. The X4 architecture uses "re-drive" chips to boost the distance between the memory and the X4 memory controller. Four of these servers can be linked together through a proprietary interface to create a massive 16-processor 128-DIMM server.

  • This is the front of the IBM X3950 M2 server.

Topics: IBM, Hardware, Servers

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