Image: A JibJab look at Bush's '2-0-5'

Image: A JibJab look at Bush's '2-0-5'

Summary: The Spiridellis brothers' latest satire takes a look back at a trying year for George Bush.

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  • New JibJab film

    The online animators at JibJab Media introduced a new political satire Thursday, Dec. 15, 2005. The animated musical, which first aired on "The Tonight Show" and MSN, pokes fun at the U.S. president and some political pickles that have soured the year for him. In the scene shown here, President Bush sings, "Half of Europe hates my guts!" You can see the complete video at JibJab's site or on MSN.

  • press conference

    JibJab's eighth video short begins at a press conference where President Bush gives his JibJab state of the union.

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