Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android hardware

Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android hardware

Summary: The T-Mobile G1 will be coming soon and is the first Google Android device. HTC has been making devices for years and you can see aspects of their touch, flair, and quality on the device. The G1 was codenamed the HTC Dream and for some it may be a dream come true. The hardware is solid and functional, but it is also a first generation device that is not perfect.


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  • The back has nice soft touch material and feels great in your hand.

  • The T-Mobile logo appears below the phone speaker and indicator light bar.

  • You need to slide up the display and then pull back on the latch to remove the entire back cover.

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  • I like the subtle way at home ...

    .. key is presented:

    @ ~

    The tilde in *nix means the home directory. :)
  • RE: Device hinge area in open position (Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android hardware)

    Love the box, but wheres the phone? Photographer: Keep your day job, unless its taking pics of boxes. Otherwise, those were the worse pics of the PHONE (remember that? inside the BOX?) I wanted to see the phone!
  • RE: Device hinge area in open position (Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android hardware)

    It's too bad that it's only available with T-Mobile. I've had contracts with all of the major wireless carriers and I was really unhappy with the T-Mobile coverage and service.
  • RE: Device hinge area in open position (Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android hardware)

    It's a BRICK !!! It really looks like a cell phone of the early 90s !!
  • But, will it make pnone calls

    • and is the imternet fast in it?

      and is tekting and enjoyable experience also?
  • RE: Device hinge area in open position (Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android hardware)

    If it could be used in China,I will buy it at once!
  • Can't wait for mine

    I'm anxiously awaiting the UPS guy with mine any day now.

    I don't care that it looks a little clunky...but I can change my own battery.
  • RE: SIM card slot

    Does this mean I could buy this phone, insert the SIM card from my AT&T Tilt and have it work? Or do I have to use it exclusively on the T-Mobile network?
  • RE: Device hinge area in open position (Image Gallery: A look at the T-Mobi

    The G1 is unlocked.
  • T-Mobile G1 Google Android

    Maybe, the designers of the Google Phone should take a
    few courses at The Apple School of Industrial Design.

    Looks clunky, all plastic, not very appealing, I am just
    guessing, that the software is less intuitive and more
    Microsoft fashioned.

    I have two iPhones (1st gen. and 3G) and I am glad. They
    are the best designed phones so far, and I had at least 30
    or more mobile phones, since day one of the appearance
    of cellular phones.
    Gyula Bognar, Jr.
    • The Phone is Butt Ugly..

      I am techie, but Apple just does things right! The G1 phone is for techies and that is the way it looks. Microsoft has the same problem. Companies like Nokia, RIM, and Apple understand their user base and hence create applications for their user base.

      For me the Android will be yet another distraction for Google... Yet another reason why the share price just will not go up...
    • "Intuitive"

      Less intuitive than what? And how is it "Microsoft-fashioned"? The OS is Google Android, which is built from Linux.

      Apple drones always love to say that anything that's not a Mac isn't "intuitive". Find some new buzzwords.
      Anonymous Benefactor
  • How about just plain dropout free calls?

    All I need a phone for is to make or recieve phone calls. I don't mean to sound archaic here, but my last three phones were junk. I dont want games, or a camera, I dont need a phone to play ultra compressed low quality audio and video clips, I am sick to death of texting, or beeping walkie-talkie phones, and I have something called a BRAIN to keep track of my appointments and WHAT DAY IT IS.

    My latest piece of work is supposed to be one of samsung's best phones and it has dropout issues while standing in line of sight of a Sprint celltower.Cannot wait til my contract with them is over. The second day I owned it the face bezel cracked, and I need something that can take the abuse of my JOB and my LIFE.

    The best cellphone I ever owned was a clunky motorola that was like a timex watch, you could use it for a hockey puck or golfball and it would still work everywhere, and would run three days without charging. No camera either. If I want music, I own 14 mobile entertainment systems that range from house size to stadium size and I know several bands in every genre, and there is always an Ipod somewhere, and geez, I think I still own a cassette walkman.

    One device cannot be all things for all people and be able to do ANYTHING very well. Just get back to basics and make a reliable, well built phone that just WORKS! Last thing I want or need is internet in a phone. Call me old, or old fashioned, but we HAD this process perfected a few years ago. All we really needed was more celltowers. Being a business owner, there are days where my favorite button to hit on a phone is "POWER OFF".

    The way luck would have it, it's probably a faster websurfer than vista powered anything.I wonder if there is a UAC...nevermind.

    I can see a day in the future where a sunbeam mixer will have a screen to display online recipe's while cooking,Hmm now there's FOOD for thought.....
    • Amen Brother!!

      You are so right, reliability has taken a back seat to features. Most of my phones of recent years were total junk! I have had 4 Motorola Razors, all broke. Without dropping them.