Image Gallery: April's cyber threat landscape

Image Gallery: April's cyber threat landscape

Summary: Facebook phishing campaigns serving ZeuS crimeware, new Mac OS X malware variant, yet another cyber espionage network exposed, next to several reports detailing Opt-In botnets and how outdated vulnerabilities drive the growth of cybercrime - April, 2010 was a busy month for the security community.


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  • According to a research released by Google, scareware now accounts for 15% of all the malware that the company is detecting. The true scale of the problem is, however, much more disturbing since the cybercriminals behind these campaigns have been actively tricking search engines' crawlers for a few years now. Read the original article: Google: Scareware accounts for 15 percent of all malware

  • This professionally looking window of a ransomware known as the ICPP copyright violation alert, has affected a huge number of Internet users, using propagation tactics already in use by scareware. The scam required the user to pay $400, perhaps the largest amount of money ever requested for this type of scams. Read the original article: Copyright violation alert ransomware in the wild

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Dancho Danchev

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Dancho Danchev is an independent security consultant and cyber threats analyst, with extensive experience in open source intelligence gathering, malware and cybercrime incident response.

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  • Are BS articles on Mac threats Malware?

    "New" Mac OS X threats?? Where? How?

    Your "article" barely mentions one internet redirect that you tell us is 18 months old. This is new? This is malware?

    No, this is just more OS X FUD being spread by ZDnet. This is the closest I've seen to anything on the internet that can damage Apples, but it's a blatant attack on the brand, not the actual computers.

    If you guys didn't have the flimsiest of "journalism" shield to hide behind you'd have been bankrupted for libel years ago.
    • RE:Are BS articles on Mac threats Malware?

      You are right. Macs are invulnerable to virii, trojans, rootkits, and all other forms of malware. There is no need for concern. No need for any kind of anti threat tools. You are perfectly secure. Everything's going to be fine. Don't worry about a thing.
      • Lame sarcasm richdave...

        Fact is, there are no virii for a mac... There is
        only socially engineered malware for the Mac...

        I collect virii as a hobby, been doing it since
        1989... If there was a virus for OS X, I would
        own a copy...
        • Viruses /nm

        • sarcasm or facetious

          IMHO it's facetiousness.
  • RE: Sample Blackhat SEO page serving scareware (Image Gallery: April's cyber threat landscape)