Image Gallery: Introduction to Avast! Antivirus version 5.1

Image Gallery: Introduction to Avast! Antivirus version 5.1

Summary: With Avast! Antivirus 5.1 scheduled for release in Q4, 2010, the following slides offer a perspective into some of the new features, and improvements to be introduced in version 5.1.

TOPICS: CXO, Malware, Security

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  • Key feature of the Avast! Antivius 5.1 is a new management system for SMBs, relying on a Web-based management console.

  • Related new featured would include: Full control over the avast installations, immediate alerting in case of an infection, as well as remote installation and centralized updating.

  • The advanced features would include: Auto-discovery of new/unprotected computers, as well as configuration for a computer can be inherited or defined autonomously.

Topics: CXO, Malware, Security

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