Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

Summary: June's cyber threat landscape gallery, features images from the malware, spam, phishing and crimeware campaigns that took place during the month. See also: Image Gallery: April's cyber threat landscape


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Topics: Malware, Security, Social Enterprise

Dancho Danchev

About Dancho Danchev

Dancho Danchev is an independent security consultant and cyber threats analyst, with extensive experience in open source intelligence gathering, malware and cybercrime incident response.

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  • The first post

    The first post in here was the spammer.
    They deleted it but it was funny to see that in an article like this.
    • RE: Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

      @MoeFugger Yeap, sadly,,,, and it confirms the point so well
  • Just use Mac/Linux

    and you won't have to worry about these things. Only WinDoze uzers will be affected!
    • RE: Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

      @MSFTWorshipper - just use mac? I don't suppose you read through the article and noticed there were a couple mac specific threats...
  • I've never . . .

    seen one of these thing happen on my Win2K & XP systems,
    mind you, I use FireFox with:
    - NoScript
    - FlashBlock
    - AdBlock Plus
    - Better Privacy
    - FlagFox
    - FormFox

    I also have my network behind a dual cascaded DHCP NAT IPS security router setup

    the first router creates a subnet to which the second belongs and then the second creates another subnet creating a sort of "no-mans land" between them

    modem > Router > Router > Network

    and I don't
    - surf
    - use facebook, etc.
    - go to unsolicited links (ie. those in spam etc.)

    also I refuse to use IE for anything but the win update site and the occasional visit to the E-SET site for the Online AV scanner just to verify what I already know
    my systems are clean
    Who Am I Really
    • RE: Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

      @Who Am I Really
      "They" will still get you only one slip, all the time in the world it is like "Monty pythons" Spanish inquisition you never know when they are coming..... same as parking attendants is what they do full time.
  • RE: Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

    Should of just bought the Mac. You knew you should have back in the day, But now, you're really sure.
    Mr. Science