Image Gallery: MSI Wind netbook

Image Gallery: MSI Wind netbook

Summary: ASUS just celebrated the first year of the "netbook" category of mobile computing devices and since they started it last year, the market has taken off with a wide choice of netbooks today. I had the chance to try out the MSI Wind for a couple of weeks and was so impressed that I ordered one for myself.


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  • The stereo headset, VGA out port, and ethernet port are found on the back right side.

  • A USB port, SD card slot, and microphone port are found towards the front of the right side.

  • Towards the front you will find 2 more USB ports and some ventilation openings.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Networking, Wi-Fi, Windows

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  • Nice keyboard, but screen rez still too low...

    The Wind seems to have the best keyboard of any
    netbook. But until they figure out we need a full
    1280x800 on the display I'll stay away. Too much
    software needs at least 768 in screen height, and most
    netbooks don't even allow the larger rez, with
    scrolling or intropolating. (I know that was spelled
    wrong, but you know what I'm talking about...)
  • RE: MSI Wind gallery 2 (Image Gallery: MSI Wind netbook)

    I own a U100 MSI Wind and am very pleased overall with the system. My only complaint, the small squished in comma, period and slash keys. After using the system everyday for almost a month I still experience problems hitting those three keys consistently. My wife uses the HP Mini 1000 and in my opinion the HP Mini has the best Netbook keyboard I've tested.