Image Gallery: Windows Mobile 6.5 disappoints with lack of customization and stylus requirement

Image Gallery: Windows Mobile 6.5 disappoints with lack of customization and stylus requirement

Summary: I had high hopes for Windows Mobile 6.5 to at least provide a better touch experience, but it only does so on a basic level. We now see no customization support in the Start menu or Today screen and an overall lack of consistency across the platform. Windows Mobile needs major work and I am not sure people are willing to wait until the end of 2010 for Windows Mobile 7.


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  • Flicking up and down is required in WM 6.5.

  • The Today screen brings the sliding panels from WM 6.1 Standard (non-touchscreen) devices to the touch screen.

  • The right soft key changes with the selected utility on the Today screen.

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  • yes you right

    Is embarrasing and dumb the new presentation of windows mobile, the same way to copy iphone menus, the same fake windows like Vista trying to match MacOS .The archeologist media player. The only lesson that other learn early, the new (iphone browser) is wide seen. Is more like a mechanic and common cel phones with his glues screens , not configurable , a back step and fault of imagination. Microsoft!! wake up you need to contract really genious in design with big imagination..! Im stay with my WM5.
  • RE: Windows Mobile 6.5 gallery two (Image Gallery: Windows Mobile 6.5 disappoints with lack of customization and stylus requirement)

    I don't think its too bad considering Microsoft is giving all the bells and whistles to WM7. We have all been waiting for a new mobile OS from Microsoft, and here we have it. It's not as new and flashy as Android, and not as "easy-to-use" as Apple's iPhone software, but WM users I think will enjoy the slight tweaks. Best news of all is we will have a mobile OS that is easy to configure, unlike iPhone OS. The thing most don't realize is the reason hard core mobile users like WM OS is its configurable. They like to "tweak". I'm sure the users over at XDA, and PPC Geeks, will be satisfied tweaking till WM7 arrives.
    • And the rest of us?

      I just want something that works.
      Installed SPB Mobile shell 3.5. on a WM6.0 device. (Yes I have 6.1 and 6.5 ROM's but no need to upgrade, in fact 6.5 just uses more memory and adds nothing when using SPB)
      Can now easily use the device, and paired with MS voice control it's EASIER to use than an iPhony.
      My friend who sold me the device and bought and "i" device couldn't believe how easy it was to use now.