Images: A look beneath the Earth

Images: A look beneath the Earth

Summary: Subsurface imaging technology from geoscientists helps soldiers determine immediate threats.

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  • 3D geophysical model

    A 3D geophysical model of the subsurface of the Earth shows an industry record-breaking 400GB of data in a single interactive view. Energy company geoscientists analyze images such as these to search for oil and gas. This technology is being adapted to the battlefield to enable troops to peek underground and make first-level determinations if there may be a shallow buried threat to their operations or large munitions storages hidden from view.

  • seismic energy

    A conceptual model of geophysicists using seismic energy to investigate complicated structures underground. Large seagoing vessels emit sounds into the water which penetrate the earth and bounce back where it is recorded at the surface. The reflected energy provides the scientists with information of the distance and shape of the objects they are trying to observe. Just as a geoscientist uses this information to detect oil and gas, soldiers are beginning to use it to determine if there are potential buried threats to their operations in hostile areas.

Topic: Software

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